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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:37

The Grove U8 Netball vs Broughton Manor

The girls were really excited for their first Netball fixture of the year. The girls were captained by Nicole and started of superbly with Siya scoring an early first basket. The girls then traded tries for the remainder of the first half, with some very near misses. Into the second half the girls swapped positions and again had sucess with Lillian scoring another fantastic basket. The girls were two up against Broughton. Some close moments and a last minute basket from Broughton allowed the girls to win their first fixture of the year 2-1.
The Grove 'A': 2
S. Patel, L. Goodman
Broughton Manor 'A': 1
Player of the Match: Clare Hubbard
On a sunny Friday afternoon we took the U8 ‘B’ netball girls to have a skills/mini match session against Broughton Manor. The girls did well during the skills-based sessions following the instructions set out by the netball coaches. During the game we started of brightly with the girls putting what they have learnt at school in practice. The girls moved the ball well by passing and moving the ball around the court and Elise took her first chance and managed to get the goal. Quickly again the girls moved the ball quickly with Clare in Centre moving around proving hard to mark. Lillian managed to get a shot away from a tricky angle and got it in which extended our lead to 2-0. Broughton got a goal back just before the end of the match.
The Grove 'B': 2
E. Craig, L. Goodman
Broughton Manor 'B': 1
Player of the Match: Clare Hubbard
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