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Thursday, 05 March 2020 14:36

Cedar & Birch Trip to Bletchley Park

DSC 0012Cedar and Birch visited Bletchley Park as part of their learning on World War Two this term. This visit offered the opportunity to explore the impact Bletchley Park had on supporting the war effort along with the work of the people involved. A very knowledgeable guide showed us the beautiful mansion, bought by the Government of the time, in order to create a centre for breaking the German Code. Our children walked around the park and explored the mansion with all of its rooms and witnessed first hand original artefacts, such as typewriters and telephones used at the time along with the Bombe machine created by Alan Turing. The workshop offered a variety of opportunities in order to understand the concept of breaking codes, just as in the past. Our children rose to the challenge and were complimented by the staff for their mathematical agility as well as the infectious interest shown. They learnt about the life and routines of people who worked at the park and understood the importance of keeping their work secret. We concluded the day with a tour of the Museum and gained a stamp on our Bletchley Park Identity Card!
Ms Casiraghi
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