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Thursday, 09 June 2022 10:23

Cotswold wildlife park | Foundation Trip Summer 2022

Walnut, Maple, Beech and Holly headed excitedly on the coach to Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens on Thursday. We had a lovely sunny journey and when we arrived at the park were welcomed by an ostrich. Upon arrival we had a picnic snack and sadly had a light spot of rain. We did not let that deter us and headed to the walled gardens to look at a beautiful assortment of birds. We ventured into the tropical house to look for bats, tropical birds and even a sloth. Some children and staff were lucky and spotted the shy sloth.

The rain passed and after a walk into ‘Africa,’ where we saw zebras, giraffes, white rhinoceros, lions, and camels, we settled on some picnic benches for lunch.

After lunch we walked to Bradwell Grove Station and caught the train. The train took us on a short journey through the park, we went through a spooky dark tunnel to the delight of the children, saw the farmyard animals, the park and we were able to rest our legs.

We saw a wonderful assortment of animals, big and small, and the children were thrilled to see such a variety. We had a fantastic day, and the children all represented the school brilliantly, well done Foundation Stage. 
Mrs Okwuadigbo

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