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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:38

The Grove U8 Boys Hockey vs Swanbourne House

DSC 0016Without a game strategy the boys had to rely on the few skills they had picked up and their general ability to play invasive sport. We were able to pass the ball a lot better and spread out, but it took a while before the game started to flow and yield signs of connecting passes and attack. We had good control of territory and were looking more likely to score but a draw was a fair result.

The Grove: 0
Swanbourne House: 0
Man of the Match: Frederick Lancaster

After a half time chat about positioning and how to effectively move the ball in attack we were able to string together some actual play that gave them something to have concern about. Zayne secured our only goal, which gave us the confidence we needed to keep pushing forward. Oliver was also unlucky when his goal didn’t count because it was hit from outside the area, however it never really looked like they had enough to break through and we continued to be a threat in attack. I felt we stayed mostly in their half, although it was still quite messy in front of the goals and the game ended after Matthew had a goal disallowed after a scramble on the goal line ricocheted off his hand when he dived for it.

The Grove: 1
Z. Quinton
Swanbourne House: 0

Man of the Match: Zayne Quinton

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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:35

The Grove U8/9 Boys Hockey vs Winchester House

2020 02 04 14.42.09The boys started their first Hockey fixture, this term, well; showing excitement for the match. Early on the boys were caught out with an early goal from Winchester House. The boys fought on with some superb tackles being made. In the first half the boys were down by two goals and realised that it was their passing that was causing them to struggle. They tried even harder in the second half but were unsuccessful against Winchester's strong defence. The boys lost 0-3 but remain enthusiastic for the next match. Throughout the entire game the boys were helped by man of the match Jacob Milburn, who pulled of some superb saves, at one point diving head first to stop the ball. The boys had a great game and look forward to the next.

The Grove 'A': 0
Winchester House 'A': 3
Man of the Match: Jacob Milburn

Everything that we had learnt in practice was used by the boys and considering that they were not as skilful as their opponents, I felt that they represented themselves admirably. Unfortunately, we had not done enough on hitting or spreading wide which meant that we hardly got out of our half. We also tended to cluster around the ball and not complete passes, so Winchester Hse didn’t really have difficulty keeping us in check. They managed to break free a couple of times and get some passes in as they attacked the goal, which at the start of the match was something Koseunti wasn’t able to block as goalkeeper.

The Grove 'B/C': 0
Winchester House 'B': 3
Man of the Match: Bhavish Rao

Although Winchester Hse put on a different team for this match we continued to shuffle players and make substitutions to give all those playing as much game time as possible. Koseunti stayed in goal throughout and once we had helped him be comfortable in the padding, he was able to manoeuvre himself more freely and became increasingly effective saving a load of shots and proving himself to be quite a presence in goal. Dimitri probably had the most open runs in space and we did get down into their D at least 3 times; although we didn’t have enough time on the ball to make any use of it. It would be wrong to say that we were organised and match ready, but I was pleased with the way the boys made use of the opportunity to play and it clearly enhanced our experience as well as interest.

The Grove 'B/C': 0
Winchetser House 'C': 2
Man of the Match: Frederick Lancaster

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Friday, 29 November 2019 15:18

U9 Hockey vs Thornton College

The girls finished the season off with a fantastic team performance. In the first half we put together 3 well worked team goals. Our defence remained very strong and Thornton struggled to put together a successful attack in our half.  In the second half the girls played some lovely connective hockey, passing the ball nicely amongst all lines. We finished off the game with one more goal. All the girls should be very proud of how they played as a team.
Miss Shipperley
The Grove: 4
S. O'Kane (2), E. Foster (2)
Thornton College: 0
Player of the Match: The Team!

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Friday, 22 November 2019 10:32

U10/11 Hockey vs Northampton High

IMG 5471The Grove 'A'

For the last fixture of the term the girls came up against a very strong Northampton team.  We worked very hard as a team throughout the whole game and never once gave up.  Sadly, the result didn’t go our way but the three goal we conceded were all from well executed short corners.  Player of the Match Alice had a stormer in goal and made multiple saves to keep the score line close.  I have been really impressed with how much the girls have developed throughout the term, they should all be very proud of the performance.

The Grove 'A': 0
Northampton High 'B': 3
Player of the Match: Alice Alder

IMG 5439The Grove 'B'

I was really impressed with how the girls played against a strong Northampton side.  We created some good attacking chances but sadly couldn’t convert our efforts.  Northampton were a very clinical side that produced two good goals. Chibugom in goal was outstanding and Player of the Match Ewa work tirelessly the whole came controlling our midfield. The girls have had a fantastic term of hockey and it has been great that ever girl in year 5 and 6 have represented the school at some point. They should all be very proud of what they have achieved.

The Grove 'B': 0
Northampton High 'B': 2
Player of the Match: Ewa Adekanmbi

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Friday, 22 November 2019 10:13

U8 Hockey vs Beachborough School

P1040030The girls set off excited to play their final match off the season against Beachborough. They were a little tentative to begin with and were thrown a little by the smaller pitch size. The Beachborough A team were able to capitalise on this, scoring a number of goals in quick succession in the first half. After a team talk at half time encouraging the girls to be more confident when tackling and to run into space when available, the girls came back positively.  They were delighted when Kylie scored a goal shortly into the second half. This was followed shortly by an impressive goal by Lilian. Sadly, the girls were unable to make up the deficit despite their best efforts the final score was left 5-2 to Beachborough.

The Grove: 2
K. Dissanayake, L. Goodman
Beachborough School 'A': 5
Player of the Match: Davida Okesola


The girls then faced the Beachborough B team. They began the game confidently having improved greatly throughout their previous match. The girls dominated much of the game, keeping most of the play in our attacking half. Clare was outstanding in attack and scored an impressive 3 goals. Any balls that entered our circle were cleared beautifully by defence. Joanna played positively on the wing and showed good attacking skills as she scored the 4th and final goal of the game.

Well done girls, a fantastic end to the season! I was very impressed with your determination!

The Grove: 4
C. Hubbard (3), J. Cioffi
Beachborough School 'B': 0
Player of the Match: C. Hubbard

Miss Webb

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Friday, 15 November 2019 15:21

U9 Hockey vs Broughton Manor

P1030033The girls had a very good game against Broughton Manor. In the first half we went 1-0 down due to a brief lack of concertation were we didn't set up defensively quickly enough and Broughton Manor were quick to capitalise on this.  At half time we talked about the importance of setting up early, defensive intensity and attacking decision making. The girls were determined to turn the first half around and played some fantastic hockey to produce some great team goals. Summer got two of the goals with Jessica grabbing the third. Ruesha deservedly was awarded player of the match from Broughton Manor. Overall the girls showed fantastic team spirit and resilience to come back from being 1-0 down at half time to win 3-1.

The Grove 'A': 3
S O'Kane (2), J McIntosh
Broughton Manor 'A': 1
Player of the Match: Ruesha Kaur

The U9 B's started very strongly putting lots of pressure on the Broughton Manor defence.  Broughton Manor did a good job of keeping it to 1-0 at half time with some good defending.  The goal of the half was scored by Avni after a well worked bit of play from Shifa and Diya in the midfield. In the second half The Grove continued to apply the pressure. With a few minutes of the game remaining Kylie managed to find the back of the net with a powerful strike.  The girls should be very proud of there performance and a special mention should go to Captain and player of the match Autumn lead strongly from the front.

The Grove 'B': 2
Avni Madan, Kylie Dissanayake
Broughton Manor 'B': 0
Player of the Match: Autumn Pim

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Thursday, 14 November 2019 16:02

U10/11 Hockey vs Broughton Manor

The Grove 'A' team P1030796
The A's got off to a very quick start against Broughton Manor scoring two quick goals in the first 10minutes. Goal scorers Chimenum and Ewa were both very clinical in front of goal taking their chances well. Broughton Manor started to build some pressure in the second half but we worked exceptionally hard as a team and only conceded one goal.  Player of the match Alexa had a fantastic game, she created some great attacking chances with some good individual skill and she helped to control our defence when we were under pressure. A very good performance by all involved, well done on a 2-1 win.
The Grove 'A': 2
C. Iwuwagwu, E. Adekanmbi
Broughton Manor 'A': 1

Player of the Match: Alexa O'Kane
The Grove 'B' team
The B team got off to a really good start putting lots of pressure on the Broughton Manor defence. However we struggled to convert the chances we had as Broughton Manor defended really well.  Mikayla and Eleanor had fantastic games in defence but sadly just before the final whistle Broughton Manor scored a well worked team goal. Player of the Match Harini had a very good game in the midfield controlling our attacking chances well. Overall a really close game and we worked exceptionally hard throughout.  The girls should be very proud of there performance, well done.
The Grove 'B': 0
Broughton Manor 'B': 1
Player of the Match: Harini Sivavakeesar
Miss Shipperley
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Friday, 18 October 2019 14:33

U9 Hockey vs Swanbourne House

2019 10 15 15.21.00 1The ‘A’ team had an incredibly evenly matched game throughout. The girls had a number of runs up the pitch with the ball though frustratingly were unable to get it past Swanbourne’s defense. Some great passes were made but occasionally in the excitement of the game the ball was played into empty space rather than onto a team mates stick which lost them some opportunities.

During the second half much pressure was placed on the girls by Swanbourne’s attack but they fought hard and through sheer determination were able to clear the ball out of the circle and prevent Swanbourne from scoring. In the closing few minutes a great scoring opportunity was created with a strong strike from Emily Foster but unfortunately this was from outside the circle so no goal was scored. What a fantastic effort girls, keep working on spreading out and looking up before making a pass – well done!

The Grove 'A': 0
Swanbourne House 'A': 0
Player of the Match: 

2019 10 15 15.21.53The ‘B’ team were excited to play their first match of the Hockey season and continued to make a superb effort throughout despite Swanbourne’s goal early into the first half. The girls tried hard to look up before passing and Avni Madan in particular was successful with this and created much needed control in a fast paced game. The defense fought hard throughout but despite their best efforts Swanbourne were able to secure a second goal shortly before half time. We reminded ourselves about spreading out and going towards the opposition with our sticks down and set off to play the second half with enthusiasm. Once again the play was very fast moving and the girls tried hard to create opportunities to score, Lilian Goodman from year 3 showed a fantastic turn of speed to attack on goal but sadly was fended off on a number of occasions. The girls in defense continued to try to clear the ball from the ‘D’ but Swanbourne scored a third goal, leaving the final score 3-0 to Swanbourne. What an exciting start to the season girls, I look forward to watching your progress.

The Grove 'B': 0
Swanbourne House 'B': 3
Player of the Match: Shifaa Asad

A huge thank you to parents who came to watch, your support, as always is much appreciated by the girls and staff. Miss Webb

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Monday, 14 October 2019 08:59

U10/11 Hockey vs Winchester House

DSC 0024The U10/U11 'A' girls has a very exciting fixture against Winchester house. Having been 1-0 down at half time they came back to win 5-2 overall. There was some excellent team play with the goals coming from Dabira, Sophie and Alexa. Alexa was also voted for by Winchester as player of the match.

The Grove 'A': 5
A. O'Kane (2), S. Hartley-Wiley (2), D Filani
Winchester House 'A': 2

Player of the Match: Alexa O'Kane

The U10/U11 'B' girls played really well against an organised Winchester House team. Winchester were winning 1-0 at half time with the match being very evenly matched. In the second half Winchester extended there lead to 2-0, but a late goal from Darasimi narrowed the defeat to 2-1. A very good game and the girl worked really hard. Chimenum was named player of the match for the second game in a row!

The Grove 'B': 1
D. Lawal
Winchester House 'B': 2

Player fo the Match: Chiemenem Iwuagwu

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Thursday, 10 October 2019 11:43

U8 Hockey vs Swanbourne House

2019 10 08 15.21.37A squad of 9 girls set off excited to play Swanbourne House on Tuesday 8th October in their first away game of the season. Kylie Dissanayake was captain for the game and was keen to learn about the responsibilities of the role. We discussed our focus of the game before hand, which was to try and control the ball and look up before making a pass.

The Grove had the first push back and immediately set about trying to advance towards the goal. Lilian Goodman and Clare Hubbard made some superb runs with great support from Kylie in centre midfield. It was a very closely run game the girls fought hard to drive the ball up the pitch and were rewarded with a goal shortly before the end of the first half.

After a brief team talk at half time about trying to spread out a little more to create space the girls were raring to go again. Lilian played a strong second half with a number of attempts on goal but was not to be rewarded with the goal on this occasion. Swanbourne put pressure on our defence but the girls cleared the ball beautifully on a number of occasions but sadly conceded a goal in the closing minute, leaving the final score 1-1.

What an exciting start to the season, well done girls! I look forward to watching your progress.

Miss Webb

The Grove: 1
C. Hubbard

Swanbourne House: 1
Player of the match: Kylie Dissanayake

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