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Friday, 15 November 2019 15:27

U9 Rugby vs Winchester House

2019 11 12 15.00.33The boys were against Winchester House and full of enthusiasm. The boys were initially startled by the speed into the match and went down by three in rapid succession. The boys fought back and scored two from Tomas before the end of the first half. Going into the second half the boys continued to fight but were unable to stop Winchester House who used their line to run around the boys despite their best effort. The boys showed good spirit and tried their best all the way to the end of the match.

Mr Thorne

The Grove: 20
T Garcia (4)
Winchester House: 55
Man of the Match: Tomas Garcia

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Friday, 15 November 2019 15:21

U9 Hockey vs Broughton Manor

P1030033The girls had a very good game against Broughton Manor. In the first half we went 1-0 down due to a brief lack of concertation were we didn't set up defensively quickly enough and Broughton Manor were quick to capitalise on this.  At half time we talked about the importance of setting up early, defensive intensity and attacking decision making. The girls were determined to turn the first half around and played some fantastic hockey to produce some great team goals. Summer got two of the goals with Jessica grabbing the third. Ruesha deservedly was awarded player of the match from Broughton Manor. Overall the girls showed fantastic team spirit and resilience to come back from being 1-0 down at half time to win 3-1.

The Grove 'A': 3
S O'Kane (2), J McIntosh
Broughton Manor 'A': 1
Player of the Match: Ruesha Kaur

The U9 B's started very strongly putting lots of pressure on the Broughton Manor defence.  Broughton Manor did a good job of keeping it to 1-0 at half time with some good defending.  The goal of the half was scored by Avni after a well worked bit of play from Shifa and Diya in the midfield. In the second half The Grove continued to apply the pressure. With a few minutes of the game remaining Kylie managed to find the back of the net with a powerful strike.  The girls should be very proud of there performance and a special mention should go to Captain and player of the match Autumn lead strongly from the front.

The Grove 'B': 2
Avni Madan, Kylie Dissanayake
Broughton Manor 'B': 0
Player of the Match: Autumn Pim

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Friday, 15 November 2019 15:17

U9 Rugby vs Broughton Manor

DSC 0013The boys were vs Broughton manor and couldn't wait despite the chilly weather. The boys started well, working together and trying drive forward with the ball. Some early losses saw the boys fighting to stay in the match which they did. At half time the boys were drawing at four each. Into the second half and the boys pushed their tactics and tackling on both sides. This led to multiple turnovers and the final score ending the match at six all. The boys played really well and should be proud of their performance.

Mr Thorne

The Grove: 30
T. Garcia (4), J. Okwuadigbo, S Bingi
Broughton Manor: 30

Man of the Match: Tomas Garcia

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Friday, 15 November 2019 14:59

Akeley Wood U8 Tag Rugby Festival

DSC 0027What a great opportunity to be able to involve several of our boys in a festival with so many games. In my experience these events generate a great atmosphere as well promote positive rugby development – this was one of those occasions.

We had a magnificent day of rugby, in all we played 6 matches and every match saw us improving in at least one area or facet of the game. Although I did try to keep track of our try scorers none of the games recorded winners or losers as the emphasis was on actually playing the game and enjoying the day. The enjoyment of all the players was very obvious to anybody watching from the side and I think that the game set up was brilliant; putting the focus on developing an interest in the game at grassroots level and allowing everybody to feel positive and enjoy success!


Try Scorers: Aron, Oliver, Zayne 2, Freddie
In our first game Rushmore got an early try, but that didn’t worry the boys and Aron got us one back almost immediately. There wasn’t a great deal of structure in play and for the most part we scored a try every time the they scored. It was fairly evenly matched up to the end the difference showed when they knocked the ball on and we were able to score an extra try to break the deadlock. I think the most obvious thing in this game was that not one single forward pass was made showing a fantastic standard for the whole team.

Try Scorers: Zayne 2, Matthew, Freddie, Koseunti, Oliver x2
In our second game Bedford Modern were well drilled and it took us a little bit of time to form an attack that penetrated their defence. I think the positive that was seen in this game was how the boys began to make 3 passes or more before scoring rather than just having individuals run in tries – that is why festivals and tournaments with a number of games also beneficial because you can start to implement things in to the team approach. Having 3 reserves on the side who can sub on and off also helps to keep everyone playing with the same understanding.

DSC 0162Warwick
Try Scorers: Zayne x2, Matthew, Oliver, William, Koseunti
In our third game we came up some very good competitors who were willing to make a lot of good runs and attacked our try-line more ardently. At this point our tagging had not been that great and although we were showing an ability to score tries we were letting in just as many tries as we were scoring. However, this team needed a lot more stopping as they knew the path to the try-line very well. Koseunti really pulled it out of the bag when he nailed 2 tags in a set of six and narrowly missed a third one after a heroic dive. It was in this game that we saw a complete sets of six tags made to force a turnover which on a small pitch was a great achievement. So the positive of that game was improved tagging

MK Prep

Try Scorers: Zayne, Freddie, Oliver, Matthew x2
Our game against MK Prep was probably our toughest challenge and we really saw how important it was to have a complete game of: good passing, running forward, constant attack, good defence, accurate tagging and keeping control of the ball; because when under pressure these things get tested to the limit. The referee did allow a lot more open play and I think that most obvious thing that I noticed in this game was how we had to learn not to lose focus and concentration both on the field and those who were on the side-lines as reserves.

Akeley B
Try Scorers: Oliver, Koseunti x4, Dimitri, Zayne, William

All credit to the boys because after speaking to them about the need to be focused the next game really saw some great development in two areas of play that are very difficult to coach and I felt we nailed thanks a lot to how the referee guided the boys and also Matthew who took on board the importance of a defensive line that goes up and closes down the space for the attacking team.

The second thing that I noticed developing really well was our boys getting back on side after having made a tag – again the referee slowed the game down considerably to help Akeley wood get clean good after a tag and as a result our boys had a good lesson in being on side. I think the fact that Akeley wood were not able to score a try in this match and the next one goes to prove that our defence was an area that saw great improvement

I think that the other thing that stood out in this game was just how confident The Grove boys were becoming and how eager they were to get forward into attack because at least three of our tries came as a result of turnover ball that we chased after on the floor and very quickly turned into attack for us. Again, this was something that they learnt in the previous game when the referee allowed the other team to try and gain an advantage when their opponents had made a mistake. Koseunti and Oliver really stood out in this match in that respect as they hunted down any loose ball off the floor and quickly made good use of it. I think it is worth noting that Oliver showed incredible teamwork and maturity when on a number of occasions, he had the perfect opportunity to run in individual tries for himself but rather looked to pass to other players.

Akeley A
Try Scorers: Dimitri x2, Matthew, Oliver

In our final game the defence lines and the tagging came together with the enjoyment and the confidence of the boys in a great display of rugby. It was great to see Dimitri gaining confidence as he danced through a full defence to somehow get a score. There is no question that the display put on today far exceeded anything we have done in practice or any expectations I could’ve had on this group of players; lets hope that this remains the standard that we can expect so we can build more on it.

At every stage & in every aspect, they showed a willingness to listen & learn. The support of the parents able to attend was brilliant and the boys were great ambassadors for The Grove in behaviour and attitude.

Although there was no overall winner we definitely achieved victorious success in the ability to learn and progress in a number of areas which I have no doubt has inspired myself and the parents and hopefully many of the boys to believe we have got a good group of eager and willing participants here, who have the potential to excel.

Zayne showed some great skills as the captain and seemed quite responsible in the duties I had given him. As an attacking player it would not be out of place to give him the nickname” the weapon” because he can almost score tries at will once he gets going forward.

Mr Gough

DSC 0362DSC 0368

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Thursday, 14 November 2019 16:02

U10/11 Hockey vs Broughton Manor

The Grove 'A' team P1030796
The A's got off to a very quick start against Broughton Manor scoring two quick goals in the first 10minutes. Goal scorers Chimenum and Ewa were both very clinical in front of goal taking their chances well. Broughton Manor started to build some pressure in the second half but we worked exceptionally hard as a team and only conceded one goal.  Player of the match Alexa had a fantastic game, she created some great attacking chances with some good individual skill and she helped to control our defence when we were under pressure. A very good performance by all involved, well done on a 2-1 win.
The Grove 'A': 2
C. Iwuwagwu, E. Adekanmbi
Broughton Manor 'A': 1

Player of the Match: Alexa O'Kane
The Grove 'B' team
The B team got off to a really good start putting lots of pressure on the Broughton Manor defence. However we struggled to convert the chances we had as Broughton Manor defended really well.  Mikayla and Eleanor had fantastic games in defence but sadly just before the final whistle Broughton Manor scored a well worked team goal. Player of the Match Harini had a very good game in the midfield controlling our attacking chances well. Overall a really close game and we worked exceptionally hard throughout.  The girls should be very proud of there performance, well done.
The Grove 'B': 0
Broughton Manor 'B': 1
Player of the Match: Harini Sivavakeesar
Miss Shipperley
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Sunday, 27 October 2019 17:14

Colts Rugby vs Broughton Manor

IMG 4738The boys enjoyed this fixture, showing development of their line outs and using the team effectively to score a great win. The match started well with both teams trying really hard with tackles and great play that led the boys into half time five to two. In the second half the boys overtook the match and successfully scored a further three from the Grove.

Mr Thorne

The Grove: 40
K. Adeleye (4), Kanye Nwuga (4)

Broughton Manor: 15
Man of the Match: Ayo Ilelaboye & Oliver Surley

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Friday, 18 October 2019 14:55

The Grove U11 Rugby Festival

IMG 4661The first split of the teams were Akeley vs Beachborough and The Grove vs Quinton House. The first split of the teams were Akeley vs Beachborough and the Grove vs Quinton House.

The boys started their first match against Quinton with great enthusiasm. In the first seven minute half the boys were trading a try each and when we got to half time the score was tied at two each. The boys entered the second half with renewed energy, determined to win and pulled ahead to win their first match with four to two. Best player in this match was Ayo and the game was captained by Oliver surley. Try scorers Oliver, Keith and Kanye. The match for Akeley vs Beachborough was dominated by Akeley who won with two to zero.

The second round started with the Grove vs Beachborough and Quinton vs Akeley. The boys started really well but went down to an early try from Beachborough. They fought back and managed to level the score in the last minute of the first half. This play saw the boys working on their scrum skills throughout due to the level of tackling and realised that in the second half they needed to make greater use of the ruck and win the ball from the tackles they made. In the second half the boys pushed forward and managed to score and early try. Beachborough fought back to no avail ensuring that the Grove won their second match of the festival. Try scorers Keith and Kanye. Man of the match Kanye.

Akeley won their second match as well and due to Quinton and Beachborough not having won a game both Akeley and the Grove were now in the final no matter the third match due to points accrued.

In the third round Beachborough were against Quinton and Akeley were against the Grove. The Grove started well against Akeley pushing their defensive tactics hard to try and prevent Akeley scoring. In the first half Akeley managed to get two passed the boys despite some determined tackles by Keith; Kayne and Oliver. The boys came really close when Gautham sprinted for the line. Moving into the second half some of the boys needed a breather but Keith managed to get a try against Akeley and despite their best efforts the boys went a further two down to Akeley with the match finishing four to one. Try scorer Oliver. Man of match Gautham. 

In the match of Beachborough against Quinton, the former managed to draw with one try each.

The finals for first and second was the Grove vs Akeley. The boys started hard, they really wanted to win. Using their speed and tackling ability they pushed forward with some near misses at scoring that were denied through Akeley’s superb defensive line. Towards the end of the first half the boys managed to score with the score being two to one to Akeley. Into the second half the boys were determined to level and then win the final but were pushed back by Akeley’s defensive line despite some superb efforts by the boys. The boys eventually came second wih a score of one try from Keith and four from Akeley. Man of the match Joseph.

The second final for third and fourth were played well by Beachborough and Quinton ended with Quinton scoring two and Beachborough scoring one.  

The boys look forward to putting everything that they’ve learnt into practice next Wednesday in their next fixture. Oliver is doing a great job leading the team and can’t wait till the next time he can engage against another team.

Mr Thorne

Round 1

Akeley Wood  10  Beachborough 
 The Grove 20  10  Quinton House 

Round 2

The Grove  15  10  Beachborough 
Quinton House   0 15  Akeley Wood 

Round 3

Beachborough  Quinton House 
The Grove  20  Akeley Wood 

3rd Place

Beachborough  10  Quinton House 


Akeley Wood  20  The Grove 
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Friday, 18 October 2019 14:33

U9 Hockey vs Swanbourne House

2019 10 15 15.21.00 1The ‘A’ team had an incredibly evenly matched game throughout. The girls had a number of runs up the pitch with the ball though frustratingly were unable to get it past Swanbourne’s defense. Some great passes were made but occasionally in the excitement of the game the ball was played into empty space rather than onto a team mates stick which lost them some opportunities.

During the second half much pressure was placed on the girls by Swanbourne’s attack but they fought hard and through sheer determination were able to clear the ball out of the circle and prevent Swanbourne from scoring. In the closing few minutes a great scoring opportunity was created with a strong strike from Emily Foster but unfortunately this was from outside the circle so no goal was scored. What a fantastic effort girls, keep working on spreading out and looking up before making a pass – well done!

The Grove 'A': 0
Swanbourne House 'A': 0
Player of the Match: 

2019 10 15 15.21.53The ‘B’ team were excited to play their first match of the Hockey season and continued to make a superb effort throughout despite Swanbourne’s goal early into the first half. The girls tried hard to look up before passing and Avni Madan in particular was successful with this and created much needed control in a fast paced game. The defense fought hard throughout but despite their best efforts Swanbourne were able to secure a second goal shortly before half time. We reminded ourselves about spreading out and going towards the opposition with our sticks down and set off to play the second half with enthusiasm. Once again the play was very fast moving and the girls tried hard to create opportunities to score, Lilian Goodman from year 3 showed a fantastic turn of speed to attack on goal but sadly was fended off on a number of occasions. The girls in defense continued to try to clear the ball from the ‘D’ but Swanbourne scored a third goal, leaving the final score 3-0 to Swanbourne. What an exciting start to the season girls, I look forward to watching your progress.

The Grove 'B': 0
Swanbourne House 'B': 3
Player of the Match: Shifaa Asad

A huge thank you to parents who came to watch, your support, as always is much appreciated by the girls and staff. Miss Webb

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Tuesday, 15 October 2019 16:16

U9 Rugby vs Swanbourne House

IMG 4533The boys started really well pushing their defence line forward to combat the team from Swanbourne. They traded a try back and forth with Swanbourne before going down two in the first half. The boys started the second half with renewed vigour for the match, some great tackles and pushing of the play pushed the boys score up to nine in the second half. Unfortunately for the boys they were unable to stop the offence line of Swanbourne who pulled ahead to score thirteen.
Mr Thorne
The Grove: 9
T. Garcia (8), S. Bingi
Swanbourne House: 13

Man of the Match: Tomas Garcia
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Monday, 14 October 2019 08:59

U10 & U11 Rugby vs Ashfold School

IMG 4405The under 11's had a fantastic start to the year, captained by Oliver. They used their superior speed and agility to outpace Ashfold team. They scored numerous times with the total score at 10-4 for the win.

Mr Bay

The Grove: 10

Ashfold School: 4
Man of the Match: Oliver Surley

IMG 4440The U10's had an equally successful time against the Ashfold team. Using their strong line they rebuffed the other team numerous times with strong tackles and driving the others off the pitch. The U10's scored numerous times, passing the ball efficiently between the team and using their pace and strength to score 14-3 at full time. The boys all tried really hard in both fixtures. The boys look forward to the festival next week.

Mr Thorne

The Grove: 14
O. Whittam (11), M. Malanda (2), A. Ilelaboye
Ashfold School: 3

Man of the Match: Ayo Ilelaboye

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