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Travel Week 2022

Current ETA: 5:51pm


Good morning, it is our last day at Osmington Bay and the children and staff are packing up their rooms before we go for our breakfast. We have more activities this morning ahead of our lunch and look forward to seeing you all soon. What a fantastic week!


We cannot believe it is the last full day of Travel Week already! Here are our activities for the day:

Group 1: Archery, Climbing, Giant Swing, Beach Walk.
Group 2: Archery, Climbing, Beach Walk, Giant Swing.
Group 3: Archery, Climbing, Zip Wire, Beach Walk.
Group 4: Archery, Climbing, Beach Walk, Zip Wire.
Group 5: Climbing, Street Surf, Dragon Boating.
Group 6: Climbing, Street Surf, Dragon Boating.
Group 7: Street Surf, Climbing, Dragon Boating.


Good morning, here are the activities for today. It is pleasantly cool today on Travel Week, overcast, with a nice breeze.

Group 1: Low Ropes, Sensory Trail, Dragon Boating.
Group 2: Sensory Trail, Low Ropes, Dragon Boating.
Group 3: Sensory Trail, Street Surfing, Dragon Boating.
Group 4: Problem Solving, Street Surfing, Dragon Boating.
Group 5: Trapeze, Sensory Trail, Archery, Giant Swing.
Group 6: Rifle Shooting, Trapeze, Archery, Giant Swing.
Group 7: Survivor, Rifle Shooting, Archery, Giant Swing. 

 This morning we will be going for our breakfast at around 7:30am ahead of our first full day of exciting activities here at Osmington Bay. We will be taking the group photos this morning.

Tuesday Activities:

Group 1: Survivor, Trapeze, Low Ropes, Abseiling.
Group 2: Trapeze, Problem Solving, Low Ropes, Abseiling.
Group 3: Trapeze, Survivor, Rifle Shooting, Abseiling.
Group 4: Abseiling, Trapeze, Rifle Shooting, Sensory Trail.
Group 5: Abseiling, Beach Walk, Survivor, Rifles.
Group 6: Beach Walk, Abseiling, Sensory Trail, Survivor.
Group 7: Trapeze, Beach Walk, Abseiling, Street Surfing.

Monday: Please arrive by 8:30am to enable us to depart on time. Our team will be on hand to help with luggage. We will be travelling to Osmington Bay Dorset on executive coaches with air conditioning and toilets.

We arrived at the centre at around 3:30pm on Monday afternoon. The children have been exploring the grounds and settled into their rooms before we all went for our supper. This evening we all went for a camp fire and enjoyed the refreshing sea breeze.

Photos: During Travel Week we aim to upload as many photos as possible, a selection of photos will be uploaded here, the rest will be uploaded to our gallery website. If you require help accessing the photos please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we will also upload occasional photos to our social platforms. The group photos will be taken on Tuesday morning before our activities.

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