Saturday, 26 November 2016 10:14

Loughton Valley Arts Centre Music Concert

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This year’s evening concert was a triumph. The pupils played a fabulous variety of pieces with great character and style.

Alexander Chan’s piano piece ‘Whirling Leaves’ was very effective. He used the pedal and quick light fingers to bring the leaves to life. Elizabeth Valolch’s piano piece ‘Allegro’ was bright and strongly rhythmical.

The jazzy pieces we were treated to were rhythmical too. Tiya Mistry played a mean ‘Moody Prawn Blues’, Khush Shah played a cool ‘Take Five’ on the violin and Alexander Etuk’s ‘All Night, All Day’ sounded chilled on the trumpet.

Ananya Rastogi’s piece ‘Cantabile’ had some lovely decoration in, she played the trills very well and Emily Ying-Clifton’s ‘German Dance’ was light and full of fun too. Harini Sivavakeesar’s little ‘Calypso’ had us all moving to its catchy beat.

The Bartok violin duets played by Agata Garban and Mrs Hodges had great energy and playfulness and Agata performed ‘Preludio’ with moments of great musicality.

Abbie North sang a song from the musical Wicked. Her performance, singing and stage presence were brilliant. Another sparkling performance was given by Emily Garwood. Her playing of ‘Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum’ from Debussy’s Children’s Corner amazed us as she flew around the piano.

Hana Iguchi’s violin piece ‘Entracte’ from Rosamunde had poise and musicality. Elizabeth Gross played and sang ‘Read all about it’ with intensity and Iraa Kulkarni sang ‘Twilight’ beautifully using long phrases that need careful breath control.

Rohan Appikatla played ‘Ode to Joy’ with a gorgeous tone on his new guitar whilst Nina Lorenz bravely shared two pieces ‘Minuet in G’ and ‘Moon River.’

Three young pianists that all play with delightful clarity and joy were Anchal Garg, Alexa Berkin-Evans and Mariam Elakama. I look forward to hearing them play again.

Miss Haig and Miss Jovic rounded the concert off beautifully. They performed ‘Lullaby for Princess Charlotte’, one of two songs that Miss Haig has recorded especially for the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Thank you to all who performed and to our wonderful and extremely appreciative audience.

Mrs Hodges

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