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Lunchtime Concert, February

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Chamber group started our lunchtime concert off with the brilliantly jazzy piece ‘Razza Sazza’. They are really enjoying the experience of playing together and to have two clarinettists as well, what a treat!

We were so fortunate to have so many students performing their Speech & Drama items. These were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.

Clare Hubbard’s ‘After A Bath’ was delightful, Carolina Diniz Fernandez-Lomana’s ‘Why Are You Late for School?’ was wonderful, it all boiled down to her seeing a cloud in the end! I wish I’d thought of that excuse! Daniel Nunez Montanola delivered his poem ‘Summing Up’ so well we all felt inspired. Timothy Lancaster’s ‘My Puppy’ was very cute and Sophia Shaikh ‘Teacher’s Pet’ most definitely was not! She, ‘It’, was scary!

Talking of scary, I don’t know if I would want to have breakfast with a giant, but Isabela Alvarez-Custodio and Isobella McCall were very brave and also very gorgeous together. What lovely ‘yummy’ expression girls! Autumn Pim, “The Actress’, with her ‘wonderous yellow hair’ was wishing that she could be allowed to be scary too. If only she could be the fearsome monster instead of the soppy girl. I’m sure she could scare me with just one look if she wanted to! 

We were amazed by the superb acting of Chloe Cave. ‘Head of Class’ was excellent, Chloe kept us first worried for her, frightened of her and then proud of her all in the one scene. Wow!  

Freddie Lancaster’s ‘Mad Weather We’re Having’ was so enthralling because his eye line was excellent, bringing the audience in to listen to every word. We loved the ‘raining’ penguins, kangaroos and polar bears!

Chibugom Iwuagwu recited her own poem, ‘School Days’. It was funny and expressive and we loved the story you told throughout. Another fabulous story teller turned out to be Mariam Elakama. ‘The Adventures of Isabel’, Mariam made us feel like we wanted to be Isabel and that maybe she was! Advik Mishra read us some Enid Blyton. His introduction was excellent and his reading of ‘The Far Away Tree’ was engaging.

Sprinkled amongst the drama came the music. Everyone played beautifully. We heard five pianists this lunchtime. Lilian Goodman had a lovely confident tone as she played ‘Row Your Boat’ and Zara Bothongo listened very carefully to her own sound. Alice ‘the Awesome’ Alder played ‘When the Saints’ with such great attitude that her sound filled the hall and Ewa Adekanmbi played confidently as she took us on her ‘Train ride’.

Last but not least I must mention our two solo instrumentalists. Joseph Imonioro, who played ‘Daisy, Dasiy’ on the clarinet with super rhythm and style and Hana Iguchi, who played the beautiful ‘Romance’ by Shostakovich on her violin. Her interpretation of this challenging piece was ‘fierce!’

Well done to you all of you!

I can’t wait to be scared, charmed, inspired and delighted next time.

Mrs Hodges

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