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Monday, 21 February 2022 20:12

House Day Spring 2022

Pre-Prep had a fantastic day and it was wonderful to see the children in their lovely costumes. Throughout the day the children were transported to Venice for carnival, Wales, France and Great Britain. They created beautiful Venetian masks ready to become incognito during the carnival. In Wales they celebrated their national flower and created lovely daffodils. In France they became engineers to rescue The Eiffel Tower and help build it strong and tall. In Great Britain they created something special to celebrate The Queen's Platinum Jubilee which will soon be available for you to view in our exciting project. We were so proud of the children, and it was a wonderful way to celebrate all of our cultural heritage which comes together in our Grove Family.
Mrs Collins

Pupils in each house in Prep rotated around 4 activities run by the staff from each house. The Arden staff ran an activity celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. After learning about the Queen and her life in the Royal Family, pupils created their own images to celebrate her reign. The results will be available for parents to see in the near future.
Mr Wakley

We had a great time on House Day celebrating some traditions from English culture. We started off by looking at recipe for a traditional scone and mixing up the base, we then cut them out and sent them to the school kitchen where Hayley kindly cooked them for us. We followed this up with learning about a traditional English tea and by choosing to eat our scone with either clotted cream, jam, or both! They were delicious! We then made some cups of traditional English tea in a tea pot and sampled it with milk and sugar. After all this eating and drinking we went outside to practise the traditional English game of ‘cats cradle’. This is a game played using a piece of string, the object is to pass it between yourself and your partner, it is quite tricky and requires lots of patience! It has been lovely to see in the following weeks some children practising this game during their break times!
Mrs Carlin

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