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Sunday, 17 July 2022 18:10

Travel Week 2022

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Current ETA: 5:51pm


Good morning, it is our last day at Osmington Bay and the children and staff are packing up their rooms before we go for our breakfast. We have more activities this morning ahead of our lunch and look forward to seeing you all soon. What a fantastic week!


We cannot believe it is the last full day of Travel Week already! Here are our activities for the day:

Group 1: Archery, Climbing, Giant Swing, Beach Walk.
Group 2: Archery, Climbing, Beach Walk, Giant Swing.
Group 3: Archery, Climbing, Zip Wire, Beach Walk.
Group 4: Archery, Climbing, Beach Walk, Zip Wire.
Group 5: Climbing, Street Surf, Dragon Boating.
Group 6: Climbing, Street Surf, Dragon Boating.
Group 7: Street Surf, Climbing, Dragon Boating.


Good morning, here are the activities for today. It is pleasantly cool today on Travel Week, overcast, with a nice breeze.

Group 1: Low Ropes, Sensory Trail, Dragon Boating.
Group 2: Sensory Trail, Low Ropes, Dragon Boating.
Group 3: Sensory Trail, Street Surfing, Dragon Boating.
Group 4: Problem Solving, Street Surfing, Dragon Boating.
Group 5: Trapeze, Sensory Trail, Archery, Giant Swing.
Group 6: Rifle Shooting, Trapeze, Archery, Giant Swing.
Group 7: Survivor, Rifle Shooting, Archery, Giant Swing. 

 This morning we will be going for our breakfast at around 7:30am ahead of our first full day of exciting activities here at Osmington Bay. We will be taking the group photos this morning.

Tuesday Activities:

Group 1: Survivor, Trapeze, Low Ropes, Abseiling.
Group 2: Trapeze, Problem Solving, Low Ropes, Abseiling.
Group 3: Trapeze, Survivor, Rifle Shooting, Abseiling.
Group 4: Abseiling, Trapeze, Rifle Shooting, Sensory Trail.
Group 5: Abseiling, Beach Walk, Survivor, Rifles.
Group 6: Beach Walk, Abseiling, Sensory Trail, Survivor.
Group 7: Trapeze, Beach Walk, Abseiling, Street Surfing.

Monday: Please arrive by 8:30am to enable us to depart on time. Our team will be on hand to help with luggage. We will be travelling to Osmington Bay Dorset on executive coaches with air conditioning and toilets.

We arrived at the centre at around 3:30pm on Monday afternoon. The children have been exploring the grounds and settled into their rooms before we all went for our supper. This evening we all went for a camp fire and enjoyed the refreshing sea breeze.

Photos: During Travel Week we aim to upload as many photos as possible, a selection of photos will be uploaded here, the rest will be uploaded to our gallery website. If you require help accessing the photos please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we will also upload occasional photos to our social platforms. The group photos will be taken on Tuesday morning before our activities.

Sunday, 17 July 2022 06:33

End of Year Service 2022

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We have come to the end of the academic year for 2021-2022. Here are the photos from our 'End of Year Service' if you would like any at their original size please let us know.

Sunday, 10 July 2022 21:20

Maple Class Assembly Summer 2022

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On Friday we had our last class assembly of the year, Maple shared some wonderful artwork and sung two songs to Pre-Prep and their parents. Here is a video of one of the songs and some photos from the assembly. 

Sunday, 03 July 2022 21:39

Walnut Class Assembly Summer 2022

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Walnut Class shared their class assembly with Pre-Prep and their parents on Friday. We had some lovely singing and artwork, including a life size shark! Here are some photos and a video from the assembly.

Sunday, 26 June 2022 21:33

Lunchtime Concert June 2022

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Lunchtime Concert June 23rd 2022

Today’s lunchtime concert began with the strong and confident sound of Alice Alder singing ‘Land of the Silver Birch’. This First Nation folk song is very evocative and Alice managed to bring great feeling to its special melody. Kiki Hikwa’s piano piece ‘Ecossaise’ was in complete contrast, its cheeky happy staccato notes so lightly played.

Jude Cronin-Webb brought our imaginations to life with his beautifully spoken poem ‘The Moon’s Magic’ and Nathan Awoyemi played ‘Lightly Row’ so carefully on the piano making some lovely harmony with both hands. Another gentle performance was given by George Payton, ‘Rain’ sounded so peaceful on the piano.

Giovanna Opoku really enjoyed bringing the terrible tail of Daphne’s dad to her audience. ‘The Magician’ by Gareth Owen is a warning to all dads….don’t do magic tricks unless you really know what you’re doing! 

Reyan Chawla’s piano piece was fantastic, ‘Alouette’ just wasn’t long enough and I hope he will play for us again soon so we can hear some more of his lovely playing. Jayden Bennett-Shamamba shared her piano piece ‘Allegro’ with us. She played this classical style with a joyful abandon and had fun with the grace notes in particular. Harriet Berkin sang us the delightful Scottish traditional song ‘The Winter Is Past’; she is so good at communicating the meaning of a song to her audience. India Wild showed us just how to play ‘Au Claire De La Lune’ with both hands and so prettily too. 

Matthew Coomber played ‘Love Changes Everything’ using the rich expressive tones of the euphonium to great effect and the last note was just perfect. Izaiah Famutimi was equally expressive playing his piano piece ‘The Flakes Are Falling’. This was fluid and gentle, which is tricky to do when both hands are working contrary to each other. His last notes were perfect too.

Nathaniel Ekewenu put all of his bounciness into his piano piece ‘Merrily we roll along’ whilst Chikamso Iwuagwa put all of her expression into a fabulously disgusting rendition of the worm eating scene from ‘The Twits’. 

Ishaan Tosar and Anoushka Mistry both treated us to the piano piece ‘Over Hill And Dale’. Ishaan is perfecting a lovely legato (smooth) sound that glides from note to note whilst Anoushka is getting very good at reading the notes and not looking at her fingers at all. Wow!

Frederick Lancaster played his trumpet with style, and what a piece! The ‘Anvil Chorus’ is one of the best choruses that Verdi ever wrote; it is part off his opera ‘Il Trovatore’. Kacie Padhiar then played us another famous piece on the piano. ‘Sea Chantey’ has another name…’What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor’ and Kacie gave it its lively character. Talking of character, Nina Punia played a gorgeous little piece called ‘Sea Story’ next. I loved it because it reminded me of waves drifting in and out on the beach. What a great hand shape you make Nina!

Timothy Lancaster loved performing ‘Sword Dance’. This piece has all the fun of a musical fight that’s also in 3 time metre; a great combination. 

Zayne Quinton played the beautiful song ‘One Hand One Heart’ from Westside Story on his trumpet and Isabelle Kirk delighted us with her ‘CDEFG March’. She must have practised carefully to be able to play her notes on the piano so well. Ioanna Viskadouraki was super confident as she performed her piano piece; ‘Lightly Row’. She has been practicing carefully too.

Next came Montgomery Lancaster. His piano playing was very scary today, ‘The Haunted Mouse’ was full of drama and brilliant to play I would think; you sold it to me Monty. Isabella McCall had more musical picture painting for us to enjoy as she played ‘The First Flakes Are Falling’ with it’s twirling snow flakes that eventually stop, leaving the piano covered in a white blanket, (well that’s what I heard anyway).

Our concert came to a close once Grace Sun had played ‘The Flintstones’ theme with so much cheeky exuberance that we were all completely charmed. Her joy in performing is so infectious. She put a big smile on everyone’s face!

What an amazing privilege it is to be able to learn to make music and perform our speech and drama. 

What would we do without music, dance, drama or art?

Life would be very strange wouldn’t it? 

Well done to all of our performers and thank you mums and dads for giving your children the chance to learn. Please keep encouraging, nagging and bribing! It makes all the difference when you do.

Mrs Hodges 

Sunday, 26 June 2022 21:22

Beech Class Assembly Summer 2022

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On Friday the children in Beech shared their assembly with Pre-Prep and their parents. We enjoyed hearing about the life cycle of a butterfly. The children also showed us their wonderful artwork, well done Beech Class. Here are some photos and a song from the assembly.

Sunday, 19 June 2022 20:06

Holly Class Assembly Summer 2022

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On Friday the children in Holly shared their assembly with Pre-Prep and their parents. We enjoyed hearing about different mammals, fish, birds, amphibians, and reptiles. The children also showed us their amazing artwork, well done Holly Class. Here are some photos and a song from the assembly.

Sunday, 22 May 2022 22:12

Lunchtime Concert May 2022

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Lunchtime Concert May 19th 2022 

 Today’s concert was a real treat. It was given a brilliant start by Jacob Okwuadigbo who took us easily into the mind of his character ‘Calvin’ as he mused about his future employment. This lively, engaging performance made us laugh. Jacob’s timing was excellent, pausing and moving on just at the right time so that we believed he was making it up as he was going along. Wonderful!

James Alder made our mouths water as he did some musing of his own. ‘Hot Cross Buns’, as James pointed out, really don’t look cross. We all agreed, they are far too squishy and smiley looking to be ever thought of as cross; a happy performance too James, well done.

Alexander Briscoe and Timothy Lancaster amused us with their in depth discussion about superheroes and other important stuff, ‘So you think you’re a superhero’. We always enjoy this partnership; perhaps they are Batman and Robin in disguise!

Oluwadamilola Olajide was a busy girl today. First she played us a beautifully performed ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’ with a lovely sense of enjoyment then later in the concert she brought us the brilliant poem by A.A. Milne; ‘Wind On The Hill’ which never fails to charm the reader and listener alike. Well done Damilola, I hope you get to fly a kite one day very soon!

Sophie Hartley-Wiley played a confident version of that famous T.V. theme ‘East Enders’ for us. We loved it. 

Frederick Lancaster’s speech and drama ‘Ernie’s incredible illucinations’ took his character into a library. Being incredibly bored, waiting for his dad to finish, he imagines a man in the corner is a secret agent, there’s a dead body in the reference section and gets into trouble for mountain climbing on his chair. Freddie obviously enjoyed sharing this with us; I wonder how many children get bored in a public library these days? 

Isabel John’s ‘Ferris Wheel’ piano piece was so pretty and played carefully and was in complete contrast to Arjun Sohal’s poem ‘Mrs. Mather’; his over active imagination dreaming up all sorts of terrible scenarios before plucking up the courage to ask his next door neighbour for his football back. 

Clare Hubbard, another one of our four pianists today, played ‘A Toy’. This super little piece works so well with it’s descending scales that dance down the keyboard again and again, Clare performed it with just the right weight and style. Ivanna Awoyemi was a super star playing ‘Old MacDonald’ perfectly with great rhythm and concentration all the way through.

Olivia Taylor was very entertaining. Her speech and drama ‘Did you ever play tag with a tiger’ made us chuckle and Onyineomachi Iwuagwu charmed us with her quotation from ‘Winnie the Pooh’ …the bit where Pooh sings his ‘Tra-la-la’ song and comes across Rabbit’s hole. I loved this, what an incredible memory you have Onyineomachi.

Erioluwa Ojemuwiya gave us some mouth-watering recipe ideas from her Nigerian family cookery book, the meat pie sounded delicious! Our tummies were definitely rumbling after this, so thank goodness Chamber group were next to play, finishing our fabulous concert with three pieces; ‘Biscuit Club Boogie’, Shrimp Society Samba’ and ‘Hurly Burly’. They were brilliant; listening to each other, using dynamics and performing with pride. 

Congratulations to all of our performers! 

Keep practicing everyone!

Mrs Hodges

Sunday, 22 May 2022 21:34

Rowan Class Assembly Summer 2022

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On Friday Rowan shared their class assembly with their parents and the children in Pre-Prep. It was a lovely assembly, here are some photos and a short video. Well done Rowan!


Sunday, 15 May 2022 19:49

Cedar Class Assembly Summer 2022

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On Friday we enjoyed watching Cedar Class share their last ever Pre-Prep Class Assembly with their parents and the rest of the children in Pre-Prep. What a wonderful assembly, here are some photos and a video of one of their songs. Well done Cedar!

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