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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:39

Junior Prep Production 'The Tempest'

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IMG 6702With storms Ciara and Dennis hitting the UK’s coastlines this week, it seemed quite fitting that the Grove Independent School had their own dramatic whirlwind in the school hall. The Junior Prep pupils of Yew, Aspen, Hawthorn and Poplar have been singing, dancing and acting their socks off in rehearsals for The Tempest. Their passion for this piece was clearly shown through two magnificent performances on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. With such a challenging piece of theatre to tackle, the pupils approached it with a huge amount of focus, energy and maturity. The audience were captivated from the moment the lights dimmed. The audience were led expertly into the plot line by Autumn Pim as Ariel; who introduced us to all the characters and her own struggles with being a servant to Prospero, the island’s ruler. Prospero, played by Jacob Millburn, summons up not only a mighty storm but a mighty performance. Emily Foster delivers a beautifully articulate and passionate performance as Miranda and light relief is provided superbly by the comedy (drunken) duo of Stephano and Trinculo (Tabitha Simpkins and Lacey Weatherley). Further appreciation goes to Jeremy Berkin who embodied the role of Caliban (the island slave) and jumped feet first into the role (with tap shoes on!) heading up “I'm A Miserable Monster.”  From gruesome Goblins and elegant Sprites, to our brilliant year 3 pupils - who provided vocals and dancing throughout; everyone had their part to play in telling this story of power, revenge, justice and compassion. Moments of highlights were had when the full company all sang together for “The Time Has Come” and the closing number of “It’s Over Now”. Huge well done to all involved!

Many thanks and appreciation to all that made this production another success for The Grove Independent School.       

Mr Stewart

Monday, 17 February 2020 15:19

FROGIS Prep Movie Night

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IMG 2241Last Friday 35 children from Prep enjoyed the FROGIS movie night. This year the movie was 'School of Rock' and the children thoroughly enjoyed the film especially the music with many standing up to dance at the end! This year the film was shown in the hall which really created a realistic cinema experience for the children. The children were all treated to popcorn, juice and a bag of sweets. We hope all the parents enjoyed their child free evening and apologies the film was a little late finishing!
We look forward to the next FROGIS event the annual disco on Friday 14th February.
Sunday, 02 June 2019 16:47

The Grove Advisory Board

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Tasmyn Simpkins – Chair (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Evie Sukhnandan – Deputy Chair

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to provide counsel and advice to the School’s Leadership Team regarding the operation of the school.
The Advisory Board is comprised of seven members (current and past parents), and the length of service on the Board is typically two to three years.
The Advisory Board’s focus is the continuous development of pupils and staff at the school, in accordance with the school’s ethos:

"The Grove will provide excellent education and welfare within a creative family environment where each child and adult is stretched to achieve their full potential. We will enrich the human mind, body and spirit by delivering outstanding knowledge to all, alongside ideology and healthy living".

The Advisory Board meets at least once per term to review various aspects of the school and nursery including:

• The quality of education provided (curriculum and teaching);
• The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils;
• The welfare, health and safety of pupils;
• Suitability of staff and supply staff;
• Premises and accommodation;
• The provision of information;
• The way complaints are handled; and
• The quality of leadership and management within the school

Friday, 22 November 2019 10:12

Seniors Trip to Blenheim Palace

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DSC 0091On Monday 18thNovember, Spruce and Juniper went on a trip to Blenheim Palace. The Palace was wonderful and the gardens were amazing. Once we got there, we had a little walk around the formal gardens. We saw the Diana Temple, which is where Winston Churchill proposed to his wife, Clementine. After that, we saw the Churchill timeline that told us about where Churchill was born and where he went to school. We also learnt that Winston Churchill went to Sandhurst Academy, where he trained to be a soldier. He became an MP in 1900 and worked his way up to becoming Prime Minister, in 1940.

After our walk, we got to the café, which had a lovely view of the gardens and this is where we had our lunch. From there we were escorted by a lady who was in charge of the workshop. She took us to a room to leave our bags and then explained to us what we were going to do, that afternoon. First, she said that we were going to tour the Palace. We saw all the rooms where Winston Churchill did his painting and wrote his books. We even saw the actual room where Churchill was born, in 1874. We looked at the writing and drawing rooms, in which the family would have enjoyed time together, after dinner. 

DSC 0003Once we had toured the Palace, the lady took us back to the room and we did some – really fun – public speaking exercises. We did really tricky tongue-twisters (which I do not know how people were meant to say because they were so hard) and read one of Churchill’s speeches, ‘We shall fight on the beaches’, published on 4thJune 1940.

We had a really entertaining time at Blenheim Palace and if I could, I would go again! 

By Carolina Diniz Fernandez Lomana, Juniper 

Sunday, 27 October 2019 17:18

Autumn Half Term Activity Week

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Sunday, 27 October 2019 17:16

House Day - History Figures

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DSC 0001Pre-Prep

The children in Foundation and Pre-prep had a great time on History Day. They arrived at school very excited and in some amazing costumes. The children all spent the day working in their Hobby Groups instead of their class, this gave them a chance to work in a different group.

The Foundation children made some medieval jewellery with Miss Wood, some medieval biscuits with Mrs Jovic, royal crowns with Miss Ascough and castle construction with Mrs Maulkerson.

Meanwhile the children In Pre-Prep made medieval coin purses with Mrs Okuwadigbo, created Egyptian hieroglyphics with Mrs Vass, Plasticine fossils with Miss Casiraghi and decoupage castles with myself.

The children really enjoyed the range of activities and learnt lots of interesting historical facts. It was a great end to a busy first half-term.

IMG 4898Prep

In History Day the children were asked to recreate a war between two neighboring territories separated by natural boundaries. They were asked to consider the origins of the conflict and how to respond once peace was lost.  We recreated several battles with progressively difficult scenarios. This included border defenses moving closer to the front line, enemy infiltration and more powerful weapons, so their strategies had to adapt to the new circumstances. To finish we had a discussion on the impact war had had on the lives of those affected, in both parties. The children really enjoyed the activity and put a huge amount of thought and energy into it. 

The children were taken on a journey into the middle ages, for our History Day. Through a mixture of problem-solving, art and drama, the students explored a section of the Bayeux Tapestry and analysed the images that it portrays. The part of the tapestry showing the build-up to the Battle of Hastings was split into ten sections and the children had to identify what was occurring in each section, using the clues they could see in order to match them with written explanations.  Once this task was complete, they chose scenes to represent through freeze-frames, which were brought to life and acted with great skill! In addition, the children had the opportunity to choose their favourite image from the tapestry, to sketch. Each house worked hard to complete the tasks and as usual, we saw some effective leadership skills from many individuals.
Mr Thorne and Mr Owen headed up the construction project for today. The students had the opportunity to discover the seven ancient wonders of the World. This developed their depth of knowledge and ideas surrounding ancient history. The students had the opportunity to draw and create models of the wonders before presenting them to the class. The best presentation was given to Dean. The houses ranked in order of Dean with 9 points out of ten; Wyre with eight points; Rockingham and Arden tied with seven points a piece. The staff present were really impressed by the student's interest in history and their application and resourcefulness during the day.
The children went through a careful explanation of how the dark ages Viking and Saxon shield walls were used and looked at re-enactments with people in costume. The various styles of decorative motifs were researched with the precursors of medieval heraldry in the form of eagle, bear and wolf icons as well as stripes and simple geometric patterns. They then went onto design their own motifs in pairs and painted them to include a central boss and rim. As a finale the house groups set up mock shield walls and provided an appropriate range of expressions for the “battlefield” photo!
Saturday, 12 October 2019 12:15

Harvest Festival - School & Nursery

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IMG 4268

School Harvest

This year’s Harvest Festival was a traditional celebration. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning all the songs, even Foundation did the ‘Harvest Rock‘n’Roll’!

Foundation were super stars, they sang beautifully. ‘The Big Red Combine Harvester’ was great fun, with fantastic actions and the gentle song ‘Autumn Leaves’ sounded beautiful. The leaf print artwork was very effective too.

The colours of Autumn were also celebrated in Kiann Fesharaki’s poem ‘The Mellow Season’. He captured so much of the character of this time of year with a rich pallet of words. Jeremy Berkin’s poem ‘Wheat’ celebrated the harvest itself with some skillful rhymes and rich descriptive words too.

The joint choirs sang ‘Look At The World’ by John Rutter. This tricky piece was performed carefully, and with good heart. In the same way Yew and Aspen shared their thoughts about the word HARVEST itself and found that many other words can be made from it. They made us think about our own thankfulness. When we HAVE so much whilst others STARVE we should be more appreciative. The ‘Simple Song Of Gratitude’ was sung sensitively and accompanied by Chamber Group it sounded warm and graceful.

It is always good to have a ‘Science-y Bit’ during our harvest service. This year Chestnut and Sycamore helped the Cedar and Birch children to ‘Eat A Rainbow Everyday’. The vitamins within our colourful plates of food were brilliantly explained and the song itself was a hit from Beech and Holly right up through the school.

‘Change The World’ expressed so much of the Grove pupil’s own feeling. Many children in our school have great concerns for our world and for those less fortunate. This song began with stunning solos from Alexa and Summer O’Kane and cello accompaniment by Emily Garwood. The sisters sang so expressively whilst the children in Poplar shared their thought-provoking movement with a poignancy that cannot be taught.

‘Harvest Rock’n’Roll’, the reprise, finished off our wonderful celebration and set us up for the rest of the day with it’s fabulous dance moves and enthusiastic singing.

Thank you for all the kind donations made. The money and food will go to MK Food Bank this year.

Mrs Hodges

DSC 0093

Nursery Harvest

Nursery had lots of fun celebrating at our Harvest Festival. We learnt all about harvesting the crops and how wheat turns into the foods that we eat.

The children got the chance to explore different elements of the stages in harvesting through a few sensory activities.

First of all we sang our favourite song 'Big Red Combine Harvester', followed by smelling, touching and tasting some of the vegetables grown.

We had a variety of free play where the children made pasta tube necklaces, colouring and sticking materials onto a giant scarecrow, touch and feel the inside of a pumpkin, handling wheat, pulling vegetables out of compost and having their face painted.

We finished off ou celebration with some more harvest and Autumn songs and sitting as a group talking about our favourite part odf the festival.

Lorren Latham

Thursday, 10 October 2019 10:19

ISA London Art Competition

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ISA Art Competition

Despite a large entry from the schools in the London North regional Independent Schools Association area and some very stiff competition with a lot of outstanding art work, The Grove art completion entries drew favourable comments from both staff from other schools and the judges!

Alexa O’Kane contributed some extremely high quality work in both the drawing and 2D art categories (separate and totally different pieces of work), and was justifiably rewarded with two first places! Which means these two pieces will go on to be entered into the national art competition later in the year.

As well as these awards, Dillon Franklin in Spruce got 2nd place in the Year 7 to year 9 category for drawing with a very sensitively drawn autumn still life, Jacob Millburn in Hawthorn got 2nd place for his excellent “conkers” vibrant pastel study and Gaia Mesonero-Perez from last year’s Pine group won 3rd place in the 3D art category.

As well as this, both Lily Gibbon and Tabitha Simpkins drawings (Poplar) were singled out as being to a very good standard and close to award level.

Overall the standard of Grove entries was to a very high standard with a deservedly high award level this year.

Tuesday, 08 October 2019 11:07

Yew & Aspen Music Lessons - Brass Instruments

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DSC 3669Yew & Aspen (Year 3) pupils are learning to play brass instruments in their music lessons this year. Each class has been formed in to a band with children playing, trumpets, trombones, cornets, euphoniums and tenor horns. The children are really enjoying it and are currently making some very interesting sounds!. They are looking forward to sharing their work in performances later in the year.
Mr Wakley
Sunday, 14 July 2019 12:14

Travel Week 2019

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ETA: 5:15pm (please see our twitter feed for further updates to the ETA during our journey)

Friday (Home Day!)
Good morning, the children have packed and are gathering their bags in the holding marquee before breakfast. We have two more sessions of activities before our lunch and departure.

Group 1: Climbing and Aeroball
Group 2: Aeroball and Climbing
Group 3: Climbing and Aeroball
Group 4: Aeroball and Climbing
Group 5: Climbing and Buggy Building
Group 6: Buggy Building and Climbing
Group 7: Buggy Building and Climbing
Group 8: Climbing and Buggy Building

Our last night:
We have finished our activities for today and as it is our last night of Travel Week 2019 we are going to have a camp fire. We will be uploading photos again later this evening.

Thursday Morning: 
Our last full day of activities begins; the children are gathering outside before we head over for our breakfast.

Group 1: Raft Building and Buggy Building
Group 2: Buggy Building and Raft Building
Group 3: Abseiling and Buggy Building
Group 4: Buggy Building and Abseiling
Group 5: Archery and Sports and Team Games
Group 6: Sports and Team Games and Archery
Group 7: Archery and Sports and Team Games
Group 8: Sports and Team Games and Archery

Thursday Afternoon:

Group 1: Sports and Team Games, Beach Games.
Group 2: Sports and Team Games, Beach Games.
Group 3: Sports and Team Games, Beach Games.
Group 4: Sports and Team Games, Beach Games.
Group 5: Aeroball and Trapeze
Group 6: Trapeze and Aeroball
Group 7: Aeroball and Giant Swing
Group 8: Giant Swing and Aeroball

Wednesday Morning: Another glorious day with plenty of fun activities!

Group 1: Archery and Orienteering, Group 2: Orienteering and Archery, Group 3: Raft Building and Orienteering, Group 4: Orienteering and Raft Building, Group 5: Raft Building and Problem Solving, Group 6: Problem Solving and Raft Building, Group 7: Trapeze and Challenge Course, Group 8: Challenge Course and Trapeze

Wednesday Afternoon:

Group 1: Abseiling and Coastal Walk, Group 2: Coastal Walk and Abseiling, Group 3: Archery and Coastal Walk, Group 4: Coastal Walk and Archery, Group 5: Abseiling and Challenge Course, Group 6: Challenge Course and Abseiling, Group 7: Problem Solving and Abseiling, Group 8: Abseiling and Problem Solving

Tuesday Morning: The time is 06:48am, all of the children are wide awake with excitement. An amazing sunrise earlier this morning and plenty of fresh air with a hint of coffee… We will be heading over for our breakfast once everyone is dressed and ready which will provide energy for our exciting morning activities below:

Group 1: Giant Swing and Survivor, Group 2: Survivor and Giant Swing, Group 3: Giant Swimming and Survivor, Group 4: Survivor and Giant Swing, Group 5: Jacob’s Ladder and Survivor, Group 6: Survivor and Jacob’s Ladder, Group 7: Jacobs Ladder and Riffle Shooting, Group 8: Rifle Shooting and Jacob’s Ladder

Tuesday Afternoon:

Group 1: Challenge Course and Sensory Trail, Group 2: Sensory Trail and Challenge Course, Group 3: Challenge Course and Sensory Trail, Group 4: Sensory Trail and Challenge Course, Group 5: Giant Swing and Rifle Shooting, Group 6: Rifle Shooting and Giant Swing, Group 7: Raft Building and Survivor, Group 8: Survivor and Raft Building

Monday: Please arrive by 8:00am to enable us to depart on time. We will be traveling to Bawdsey Manor in Suffolk for Travel Week 2019. We will publish daily updates to this page during the week and travel updates.

Evening update: Once we arrived at Bawdsey Manor we met with the team and introduced them to the children. We made the most of the fantastic grounds for our lunch and outdoor games. The children are all in bed asleep getting their rest before our first full day of activities tomorrow. The group photos are on our gallery website.

Photos: During Travel Week we aim to upload as many photos as possible, a selection of photos will be uploaded here, the rest will be uploaded to our gallery website. If you require a password reset, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if the data connection is strong enough we will also upload occasional photos to Facebook and Twitter. The Group photos will be taken and published after we arrive on the first day.

Photos Update: We have uploaded most of the photos up to Wednesday afternoon.

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