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Friday, 16 October 2015 13:18

Lunchtime Concert

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10 15 2015 Lunchtime Concert4It is always very encouraging to me to hear the children perform their pieces that they have been working so hard on at home and with their teachers. The progress some children are making on their chosen instruments is very commendable. The standard seems to be rising every concert. 

We had a wonderful mix of things to listen to. Anjali Kumar and Rushita Bhatta made us all teary eyed singing ‘Can you feel the love tonight’ together. Harini Sivavakeesar’s piano piece called ‘Forest Drums’ was beautifully played and counted, so too Alexa Berkin-Evans’ ‘The Giants Coming’ and Jaina Kavia’s ‘Lincolnshire Poacher’. Sam Hurdley played ‘My First Hit Single’ on his trumpet, he is making a great sound now. Samarth Natesh’s classical guitar piece ‘The Acrobat’ was played with wonderful use of dynamic interest and Chibugom Iwuagwu and Isaac Kulkarni did really well playing for their first time in a concert. 

Our next concert will be quite near to Christmas. I wonder if we will hear some carols and Christmas songs then, let’s hope so.

Mrs Hodges

Thursday, 15 October 2015 09:03

Nursery Harvest Festival

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10 06 2015 Nursery Harvest FestivalThe Nursery children enjoyed our Harvest Festival. Not only did they like to listen to our Harvest story, 'The enourmous turnip', but they also enjoyed fun activities such as singing, dancing with sheets and exploring the variety of foods that were presented on the table. Overall the Nursery had an exciting afternoon here at The Grove.


Kasia Koever

Monday, 12 October 2015 11:57

Harvest Festival

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10 08 2015 Harvest FestivalHarvest time is here again! That’s exactly what I thought when we all came back to school in September, only just over four weeks to learn some really quite difficult songs. I wondered if I was going to regret my decision to use the amazing songs by Lin Marsh that so beautifully describe our wonderful world. Musically they presented more of a challenge and with the short amount of time the children had to learn them, it could prove to be a disaster.

Fortunately Miss Haig and I was able to be so proud of the children’s attitude to learning their music and with great enthusiasm, over the weeks, the children worked extremely hard, sometimes singing for the whole hour of their music lesson each week in order to perfect their performance. Eventually we were able to think about dynamics giving atmosphere to songs like ‘Mighty Glacier’ and ‘Desert’ and giving a really rich sound to ‘Rain Forest’ and ‘Mountain Air’ songs. The pre-prep children found the many words particularly tricky to remember but most managed by Thursday to be able not only to remember but to be expressive too.

10 08 2015 Harvest Festival3


Pre-prep and Foundation created some wonderful art work for the service with everything from meerkats to hedgehogs helping us all to imagine the journey we took around the world in our hot air balloon. A big thank you to the children who so brilliantly flew our balloon; Lauren, Toby, Zaid, Zadie, Chloe and Alex and to Harriet, Eeva, Helena and Danielle for helping with the prayers and setting the scene. They all did a superb job.

Mrs Hodges

Monday, 28 September 2015 12:28

Conga Code Sessions with Juniper & Spruce

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09 25 2015 Conga Code Sessions2Both Spruce and Juniper were treated to a Conga session on the 25th September. This two hour session consisted of the students’ competing in two teams against one another by creating their own food business online. A variety of computing skills were developed through this session, most notably data entering skills, teamwork and basic coding. 

All of the students involved worked excellently within their teams and were engrossed with the task in hand. On behalf of all of the students, we would like to say a big thank you for the Conga team for taking the time out of their day to share their knowledge as all who attended had an enjoyable day.

Miss Rawle



09 25 2015 Conga Code Sessions3

Wednesday, 23 September 2015 13:46

Christianity Reverend Mike Visit to School

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09 23 2015 Christianity Reverend Mike 2On the day of the autumnal equinox 2015, Reverend Mike Morris visited the pupils at The Grove to share his insight into Christianity.

Spruce and Juniper participated to a lecture on 'Jesus', his life and his contribution to Christianity. There was ample opportunity for interaction and questioning and the children showed great interest.

Foundation Stage and Pre-Prep enjoyed the story of The Creation unfolding before their very eyes, using Art and Drama to support their learning experience, thanks to Reverend Mike's natural ability to bring the Bible to life.

Yew and Aspen examined an ancient copy of the Holy Bible, dated 1852 CE, which is normally kept at St Mary's Church in Loughton.  Reverend Mike encouraged all pupils to view the old pages and scriptures giving also an insight into the history of our local church as well as widening their knowledge of Bible stories.

09 23 2015 Christianity Reverend MikeWe are very grateful for this learning opportunity which has added great value to the teaching and learning taking place in our school, under the subject of Religious Education.


Ms Casiraghi

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Thursday, 23 July 2015 11:37

Summer Activity Weeks 2015

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Activity Week Plans - Summer 2015 (Subject to amendments)

Foundation Plans - Day trips will be announced on the week.
Week One | Week Two | Week Three | Week Four

Pre-Prep Plans - Day trips will be announced on the week.
Week One | Week Two | Week Three | Week Four

Prep Plans
Week One | Week Two | Week Three | Week Four

Friday, 10 July 2015 11:48

Travel Week 2015

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Travel Week 15 Cover

Our ETA has changed to 8:00pm - Please see our twitter feed above for any further updates to our ETA.

Our bags are all gathered and await the arrival of the coaches. The children have set off for their final activities.

Group 1: Wide Games and Camp Craft.
Group 2: Wide Games and Nature Trail.
Group 3: Wide Games and Obstacle Course.
Group 4: Bike Ride and Survival.
Group 5: Survival and Blind Trail.
Group 6: Crate Stack and Orienteering.
Group 7: Orienteering and Crate Stack.
Group 8: Orienteering and Obstacle Course.
Group 9: Blind Trail and Orienteering.

Another bright day has begun, this is our last full day of Travel Week 2015. Most of yesterday’s activities are now online. Activities due today are as follows:

Group 1: Archery, Obstacle Course, Nature Trail and Fencing.
Group 2: Survival, IE Raft, Raft and Obstacle Course.
Group 3: Camp Craft, IE Raft, Raft and Survival.
Group 4: IE Raft, Raft, Crate Stack and Nature Trail.
Group 5: IE Raft, Raft, Biking, Nature Trail and Stand Up Paddle.
Group 6: Raft, Archery, Obstacle Course, Biking and Evening Walk.
Group 7: Raft, Survival, Archery, Blind Trail and Evening Walk.
Group 8: Blind Trail, Biking, IE Raft, Raft and Evening Walk.
Group 9: Biking, Stand Up Paddle, IE Raft, Raft and Evening Walk.     

Wednesday: We thought it might never happen, but the sun has made an appearance this morning and the sky looks to be clearing up. The children and staff are on their way to their morning activities.

Group 1: Survival, Mini Olympics, Canoe and Kayak.
Group 2: Camp Craft, Mini Olympics, Canoe and Kayak.
Group 3: Archery, Mini Olympics, Canoe and Kayak.
Group 4: Canoe, Kayak, Blind Trail, Orienteering and Abseiling.
Group 5: Canoe, Kayak, Archery, Orienteering and Abseiling.
Group 6: High Ropes, Stand up Paddle, Rifles, Survival and IE Raft.
Group 7: Lake Challenge, High Ropes, Obstacle Course, Biking and IE Raft.
Group 8: Stand up Paddle, Lake Challenge, High Ropes, Archery and Crate Stack.
Group 9: Obstacle Course, Archery, Lake Challenge, High Ropes and Rifles.

 Our first full day of Travel Week 2015 is in full swing now, the children have just had their snack and are heading out for their second activity of the day before lunch. Group photos are now online so please visit photos.grove2.co.uk to see all the group photos. Below is a list of the activities taking place today within the groups.

Group 1: IE Raft, Raft, Team Games and Scavenger Hunt.
Group 2: Low Ropes, Fencing, Team Games and Archery.
Group 3: Fencing, Low Ropes, Team Games and Scavenger Hunt.
Group 4: Hill Walk (double), Lake Challenge, High Ropes and Archery.
Group 5: Hill Walk (double), High Ropes, Lake Challenge and Crate Stack.
Group 6: Canoe, Kayak, Hill Walk (double) and Lake Challenge.
Group 7: Canoe, Kayak, Hill Walk (double) and Stand Up Paddle.
Group 8: Canoe, Kayak, Hill Walk (double) and Survival.
Group 9: Canoe, Kayak, Hill Walk (double) and Crate Stack.

Monday Updates: Good evening from Travel Week! We are connected and uploading photos from the activities this afternoon. Due to the rain on arrival we will be taking the group photos in the morning when we head down for breakfast. The site staff were all very welcoming and the children enjoyed their activities.  

The Majority of photos from Monday are now uploaded.

Travel Week 2015 will be taking place at Abernant Lake in Wales. We will be leaving The Grove on Monday 13th July and return on Friday 17th July. We will be publishing travel updates via twitter, if you do not have a twitter account you can view the updates on this page.

We publish photos to our dedicated gallery website during Travel Week please contact us if you need an account setting up or help resetting the password on an existing account.

Thursday, 21 May 2015 12:33

Lunchtime Concert May 2015

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​This was the ‘Buy One Get One Free’ concert extraordinaire!

35 children took part! (Meaning we did over run by about a quarter of an hour but that didn’t matter). Obviously it would be impossible to mention everyone in this article but I will tell you about a few.

Brass group played for the first time, their ‘Blow in Blues’ sounded great, we look forward to hearing more from you boys. Mr Welch kindly came and played a duet with Emily Corlett which was a lovely arrangement of the Skye Boat Song.

I can remember when we never ever had any solo singing in our concerts, well not unless it was part of a choir number, this time we were treated to four very different songs sung beautifully by Iraa, Samarth, Danielle and Zadie.

Alexander Lee played Allegro with aplomb, Olivia Sobera and Luluwah gave us great amusement with their poem ‘Ballet Lesson’, and the Khiani brothers both took to the stage to say their poems, Akaash also played the piano for the first time in front of our very respectful audience.

Fourteen pianists played, which I think must be a record. Miles Conway performed the piano piece ‘Apple Pie Waltz’ and deserves the prize for most improved player. Oh sorry, I’ve forgotten that music isn’t a sport, still I do think it’s wonderful to see that people are practising hard. Remember every time you play we can hear if you are good practisers by the way you sound confident and skilled, musical and able to communicate the story of your piece to the audience.

A big thank you goes to all who took part. We may need to start having more concerts to fit you all in!

Keep on practising!

Monday, 18 May 2015 10:02

Nature Day 2015

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On Wednesday 13th May the Grove independent School, from Nursery to Spruce, opened its doors to a variety of visitors, from the inspiring Bugman, Martin Ripley, to wonderful birds of prey.

The day started with an inspiring and informative assembly delivered by the School Council in order to get the day off to a flying start. Children and Staff in each department and class enjoyed a variety of activities ranging from building a bug hotel to recognising mini beasts using scientific equipment, planting of seeds, pond dipping, classifying British birds in our immediate environment, designing and constructing habitats for various organisms.

Martin Ripley (www.thebugman.co.uk) enthralled us with his variety of animals which all the children volunteered to hold, as well as asking many interesting questions. We had first-hand experience, literally, of an albino hedgehog and a chameleon called Tripod, who to the children's amazement enjoyed a breakfast of crickets. We saw several stick insects and a handsome baby tarantula before concluding the event with a gentle non-venomous boa constrictor snake who enjoyed 'getting to grips' with the warm hugs of the delighted children.

Chris from the English School of Falconry brought along with him a joyful Barn Owl, a Harris Hawk from South America and a hybrid Peregrine Falcon who entertained us with their majestic flights and demeanour. Chris gave us a great deal of information on their natural habitats and behaviours. He also informed us of threats to their numbers, from the past and present, encouraging the children to be vigilant and caring towards the nature around them. A final treat was to examine the regurgitated castings from the birds, which contain various elements of the prey they devour.

This hands on morning delivered further enrichment to the already diverse curriculum in all areas. Science was definitely in action, setting the children's imagination alight. The success was evident from the many smiles and excited chat amongst the children.

Well done everyone!​

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