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Friday, 22 November 2019 10:12

Seniors Trip to Blenheim Palace

DSC 0091On Monday 18thNovember, Spruce and Juniper went on a trip to Blenheim Palace. The Palace was wonderful and the gardens were amazing. Once we got there, we had a little walk around the formal gardens. We saw the Diana Temple, which is where Winston Churchill proposed to his wife, Clementine. After that, we saw the Churchill timeline that told us about where Churchill was born and where he went to school. We also learnt that Winston Churchill went to Sandhurst Academy, where he trained to be a soldier. He became an MP in 1900 and worked his way up to becoming Prime Minister, in 1940.

After our walk, we got to the café, which had a lovely view of the gardens and this is where we had our lunch. From there we were escorted by a lady who was in charge of the workshop. She took us to a room to leave our bags and then explained to us what we were going to do, that afternoon. First, she said that we were going to tour the Palace. We saw all the rooms where Winston Churchill did his painting and wrote his books. We even saw the actual room where Churchill was born, in 1874. We looked at the writing and drawing rooms, in which the family would have enjoyed time together, after dinner. 

DSC 0003Once we had toured the Palace, the lady took us back to the room and we did some – really fun – public speaking exercises. We did really tricky tongue-twisters (which I do not know how people were meant to say because they were so hard) and read one of Churchill’s speeches, ‘We shall fight on the beaches’, published on 4thJune 1940.

We had a really entertaining time at Blenheim Palace and if I could, I would go again! 

By Carolina Diniz Fernandez Lomana, Juniper 

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Friday, 18 October 2019 14:55

The Grove U11 Rugby Festival

IMG 4661The first split of the teams were Akeley vs Beachborough and The Grove vs Quinton House. The first split of the teams were Akeley vs Beachborough and the Grove vs Quinton House.

The boys started their first match against Quinton with great enthusiasm. In the first seven minute half the boys were trading a try each and when we got to half time the score was tied at two each. The boys entered the second half with renewed energy, determined to win and pulled ahead to win their first match with four to two. Best player in this match was Ayo and the game was captained by Oliver surley. Try scorers Oliver, Keith and Kanye. The match for Akeley vs Beachborough was dominated by Akeley who won with two to zero.

The second round started with the Grove vs Beachborough and Quinton vs Akeley. The boys started really well but went down to an early try from Beachborough. They fought back and managed to level the score in the last minute of the first half. This play saw the boys working on their scrum skills throughout due to the level of tackling and realised that in the second half they needed to make greater use of the ruck and win the ball from the tackles they made. In the second half the boys pushed forward and managed to score and early try. Beachborough fought back to no avail ensuring that the Grove won their second match of the festival. Try scorers Keith and Kanye. Man of the match Kanye.

Akeley won their second match as well and due to Quinton and Beachborough not having won a game both Akeley and the Grove were now in the final no matter the third match due to points accrued.

In the third round Beachborough were against Quinton and Akeley were against the Grove. The Grove started well against Akeley pushing their defensive tactics hard to try and prevent Akeley scoring. In the first half Akeley managed to get two passed the boys despite some determined tackles by Keith; Kayne and Oliver. The boys came really close when Gautham sprinted for the line. Moving into the second half some of the boys needed a breather but Keith managed to get a try against Akeley and despite their best efforts the boys went a further two down to Akeley with the match finishing four to one. Try scorer Oliver. Man of match Gautham. 

In the match of Beachborough against Quinton, the former managed to draw with one try each.

The finals for first and second was the Grove vs Akeley. The boys started hard, they really wanted to win. Using their speed and tackling ability they pushed forward with some near misses at scoring that were denied through Akeley’s superb defensive line. Towards the end of the first half the boys managed to score with the score being two to one to Akeley. Into the second half the boys were determined to level and then win the final but were pushed back by Akeley’s defensive line despite some superb efforts by the boys. The boys eventually came second wih a score of one try from Keith and four from Akeley. Man of the match Joseph.

The second final for third and fourth were played well by Beachborough and Quinton ended with Quinton scoring two and Beachborough scoring one.  

The boys look forward to putting everything that they’ve learnt into practice next Wednesday in their next fixture. Oliver is doing a great job leading the team and can’t wait till the next time he can engage against another team.

Mr Thorne

Round 1

Akeley Wood  10  Beachborough 
 The Grove 20  10  Quinton House 

Round 2

The Grove  15  10  Beachborough 
Quinton House   0 15  Akeley Wood 

Round 3

Beachborough  Quinton House 
The Grove  20  Akeley Wood 

3rd Place

Beachborough  10  Quinton House 


Akeley Wood  20  The Grove 
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Saturday, 12 October 2019 12:15

Harvest Festival - School & Nursery

IMG 4268

School Harvest

This year’s Harvest Festival was a traditional celebration. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning all the songs, even Foundation did the ‘Harvest Rock‘n’Roll’!

Foundation were super stars, they sang beautifully. ‘The Big Red Combine Harvester’ was great fun, with fantastic actions and the gentle song ‘Autumn Leaves’ sounded beautiful. The leaf print artwork was very effective too.

The colours of Autumn were also celebrated in Kiann Fesharaki’s poem ‘The Mellow Season’. He captured so much of the character of this time of year with a rich pallet of words. Jeremy Berkin’s poem ‘Wheat’ celebrated the harvest itself with some skillful rhymes and rich descriptive words too.

The joint choirs sang ‘Look At The World’ by John Rutter. This tricky piece was performed carefully, and with good heart. In the same way Yew and Aspen shared their thoughts about the word HARVEST itself and found that many other words can be made from it. They made us think about our own thankfulness. When we HAVE so much whilst others STARVE we should be more appreciative. The ‘Simple Song Of Gratitude’ was sung sensitively and accompanied by Chamber Group it sounded warm and graceful.

It is always good to have a ‘Science-y Bit’ during our harvest service. This year Chestnut and Sycamore helped the Cedar and Birch children to ‘Eat A Rainbow Everyday’. The vitamins within our colourful plates of food were brilliantly explained and the song itself was a hit from Beech and Holly right up through the school.

‘Change The World’ expressed so much of the Grove pupil’s own feeling. Many children in our school have great concerns for our world and for those less fortunate. This song began with stunning solos from Alexa and Summer O’Kane and cello accompaniment by Emily Garwood. The sisters sang so expressively whilst the children in Poplar shared their thought-provoking movement with a poignancy that cannot be taught.

‘Harvest Rock’n’Roll’, the reprise, finished off our wonderful celebration and set us up for the rest of the day with it’s fabulous dance moves and enthusiastic singing.

Thank you for all the kind donations made. The money and food will go to MK Food Bank this year.

Mrs Hodges

DSC 0093

Nursery Harvest

Nursery had lots of fun celebrating at our Harvest Festival. We learnt all about harvesting the crops and how wheat turns into the foods that we eat.

The children got the chance to explore different elements of the stages in harvesting through a few sensory activities.

First of all we sang our favourite song 'Big Red Combine Harvester', followed by smelling, touching and tasting some of the vegetables grown.

We had a variety of free play where the children made pasta tube necklaces, colouring and sticking materials onto a giant scarecrow, touch and feel the inside of a pumpkin, handling wheat, pulling vegetables out of compost and having their face painted.

We finished off ou celebration with some more harvest and Autumn songs and sitting as a group talking about our favourite part odf the festival.

Lorren Latham

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Thursday, 14 June 2018 13:23

The Grove Gymnastics Festival 2018

On Wednesday 13th June, all of the Gymnastics Club had a very exciting day showcasing all their hard work from over the past year. Since April, all our club gymnasts have been focusing on the Grove Independent School Awards Scheme. This scheme has challenged our children to attempt new skills and perfect already learned skills to perform and gain an award depending on their level. All children worked really hard in their sessions and also during the two assessment weeks we had before the actual event. Considering the amount of time the gymnasts had to practice, especially our two lunchtime clubs who only get half an hour a week to perfect routines. The gymnasts were ready for their showcase of their gymnastics routines and parents were very proud of what their children had achieved. Overall, the gymnasts all performed to the best of their abilities, and were very proud of their achievements. Well Done

Mrs Paris

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Thursday, 14 June 2018 13:23

Pet Visit Talk to Foundation

The Foundation children were really fortunate this week to have a visit from Bruno, a beautiful labradoodle, from Pets As Therapy and his owner Julie. We invited Bruno into school to support our topic on animals. The children were able to have some hands on experience with a pet and they were very taken by him. Julie spoke to the children about Bruno and answered all their questions about how to care for him and his likes and dislikes. He loves to eat sausages and he gets them as a treat. We found out that Bruno has two lovely walks a day, both up to an hour. He loves running in dirty puddles and searching in the woods for his ball. He gets so dirty that he needs a shower each morning to wash the mud from his paws and around his beard! We all had a chance to give Bruno a stroke and he was lovely soft. Thank you for coming to visit Bruno.

Mrs Okwuadigbo

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Thursday, 14 June 2018 13:20

Killer Keys' Piano Day, Stowe School

IMG 0139

IMG 0152IMG 0145
















A small group of pupils from The Grove were invited to the Killer Keys event at Stowe school on Thursday. The day was run by Ben Andrew, the Head of Keyboard studies. The day started with a joint rehearsal with pupils from other schools and some Stowe students. They worked on two pieces that Ben had arranged for piano ensemble. It was an unusual experience hearing 7 pianos being played by 20 pupils at the same time. We were treated to a demonstration of the magnificent pipe organ in the Stowe Chapel by Jonathan Kingston. To get to the organ loft we had to climb the steps going through the instrument, passing some of the nearly 4000 pipes.

After lunch we went to a lunchtime concert in the magnificent state music room. Featuring some of the Stowe musicians playing piano, flute and oboe. Ben then led a masterclass, working through individual pieces with a number of pupils. Emily Garwood played Nocturne in F sharp minor by Fredrik Chopin. This was a truly moving performance in the stunning setting of the State Music room. Gaia Mesonero-Perez played Walt in A by Carl Maria Von Weber. A very confident performance, with great dynamic contrasts. Ben encouraged her to play in a more dance-like manner. This gave the performance a stylistic lift. Damilola Omotosho played Polish Song by Ferdinand Hiller. Ben credited him for preparing the piece well, ready for his forthcoming examination. He worked on projecting the right hand a little more to good effect. The concert for parents included solo performances by some of the students, the ensemble pieces that they worked on during the day, and a very interesting joint improvisation piece that they put together during the day.

A great experience for all involved.

Mr Wakley

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On Sunday 20th May the ski race squad, Mrs Berkin, Miss Keats and myself travelled up to Leeds for the National Schools Indoor Open Championships.

We arrived in Leeds at 3pm all very excited and ready for our training session on the slope from 4pm-6pm. Getting ourselves prepared and carrying out lots of practice runs of the race course. After a very tiring 2 hours and long drive we enjoyed a very yummy super and then headed off to bed.

Race day.

The children got themselves suited and booted and onto the slope for some pre-race training. At 10.30am the first race began.

All the children got to carry out 3 runs of the race course, with their fastest time putting them onto the results table. We also had 2 teams an A team and a B team.

A Team

Sophy Pearce

U12 Girls



Alice Alder

U12 Girls



Sophie Hartley-Wiley

U10 Girls



Daniel Jemeljanenko

U12 Boys



The A team was entered into the mixed team competition, coming in at 2nd Place.

B Team

Gabriel Alvarez-Custodio

U10 Boys



Isaac Okwuadigbo

U10 Boys



Kyle Dissanayake

U10 Boys



A very well done to all the children that took part in the race and an extra special well done to our children here at The Grove, who all came home with 1, if not 2 medals. Well done and I’m very proud of each and every one of you.The B team were entered into the U10’s Boys Team competition, also coming in at 2nd place.

I would just like to say a very big thank you to all the parents that made it up to Leeds and for all your support.

Miss Archer

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Friday, 11 May 2018 13:07

Lunchtime Concert, May 2018

Lunchtime Concert May 5In this May’s concert the tables were turned!

Instead of the musical items sprinkled through with a few Speech and Drama performances the opposite was true. Many of the children had their LAMDA exams this weekend and were able to show off their favourite poems before the day. Twenty Speech & Drama pupils brought their best to the party so to speak, so it will be impossible to mention all of them.

We loved the slobbering, belching alien that Kiaan Fesharaki invited, Eleanor Yeoman’s vulture was a lot of fun and Patrick Kingsman’s Big Fat Budgie was very lazy! Their performances were engaging and full of imagination.

Giovanna Opoku, Siya Patel and Elisa Illingworth won our hearts with their very expressive and dramatic performances. Their poems were ‘Ballet Lesson’, ‘The Falling Star’ and ‘Shadow Collector’ respectively.

The musical offerings were equally enjoyable. Vera Padhiar played her cello confidently for the first time in a concert, Lillian Goodman’s ‘Dinosaur’s Bedtime March’ was so well played that I felt sure there was a sleepy dino in the hall with us and Oyindamola Omotosho played the left hand tune in her piano piece ‘Mysterious Procession’ very clearly.  

A big thank you goes to all forty children who took part and performed so well.

Keep practising!

Mrs Hodges

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Friday, 11 May 2018 12:03

Stowe Choir Festival Day

Our Senior Choir felt very excited to be going to Stowe even though unusually they hadn’t had much time to learn the music before going. Instead they, together with the other two choirs that took part, were able to work on the notes during the rehearsals and by the end of the day could confidently sing ‘America’ by Bernstein, ‘Rhythm of Life’ by Coleman as part of a workshop/concert and a three classical choral works that were sung in a simple service of Compline in the Stowe Chapel.

The girls had a wonderful day and were complimented often on the beautiful sound they made as they were asked to sing various parts on their own.

Once again we were looked after so well by the wonderful music department who always seem thrilled to see us and treat us to lots of lunch, tea and snacks! Oh and a stunning concert given by three Stowics; a singer song writer in year 9, a tenor soloist in year 12 and a girl in year 13 who sang a song from a musical. They were outstanding!

I felt very proud of our pupils who seemed to easily cope with the intense rehearsal and who remained so well behaved and full of life throughout this glorious spring day of music making.

Mrs Hodges

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Upon arrival our students went to the orangery for a brief introduction, then Middle Prep went to the Churchill Spencer Room and Senior Prep went to the Marlborough Room for the start of the Public Speaking Competition. 

The competition was fierce. Both groups were up against some ‘seasoned’ speakers at Blenheim, who clearly knew what was expected of them and delivered some excellent speeches, which were delivered with confidence and skill. 

Findlay Hovell, Iraa Kulkarni and Chloe Cave were all amazing! After a nervous start, they embraced the challenge and delivered a thought-provoking speech to their audience of boys, girls, teachers and other honoured guests including; Lady Henrietta Churchill and Her Grace The 12th Duchess of Marlborough. Findlay, Iraa and Chloe worked well together, each referring to the next speaker by name. Findlay was a super chairperson who introduced the topic exceptionally well. Iraa and Chloe maintained a magnificent posture and held the room in silence as they delivered their speeches with energy and passion. 

Our Middle Prep team had some very pleasing feedback from Her Grace and other VIP guests in the audience. During the interval, Mrs Prigmore-Wells, much to her surprise and delight, returned to find Findlay, Iraa and Chloe in close conversation with Her Grace the 12th Duchess of Marlborough. Her Grace was very interested in the children’s experiences on the podium and was both gracious and kind in her manner with our pupils. Three other members of the adult guests came to our groups to congratulate them on their presentation. 

Jumeirah Francis, Oluwadamilola Omotosho and Caitlin Hendry were our ambassadors for the Seniors competition. There were nine teams competing in this age category and the standard was exceptional. After listening to some engaging and rousing oratory from several other schools, our Grove children took to the podium. Dami chaired the speech confidently, adding some effective pauses and emphasis for dramatic effect. Caitlin and Jumeirah, similarly, spoke very clearly and with controlled passion.

The team had to navigate some tough questions from the panel of guests and it was heart-warming to see Caitlin come to the aid of Jumeirah, when she was answering a particularly difficult question. It was a valiant effort and the children conveyed their knowledge and understanding of the topic, ‘in a very cool way’ – according to one previous judge, who spoke to us after the event. We all felt that this was a wonderful experience and it was exciting to see so many young people, able to speak with such authority to a room of perfect strangers.

Following the competition there was a formal photograph taken of each school’s team with members of the Churchill family. 

A super experience and a wonderful opportunity to present our amazing children’s speaking skills.

Mrs Prigmore-Wells & Mrs Kenton

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