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Thursday, 05 March 2020 14:35

U8/9 Football vs Ashfold School

A short walk up to the MK Sport Central facility gave us a suitable pitch for this fixture after all the rain we have been experiencing. Although Ashfold fielded just the 2 teams for 7 aside U9, we made use of the home setting to give all the boys from U8 & U9 an opportunity to have a game – we tried to keep all the U9 boys together as one team and also allow the U8’s a chance to play together as an A team. The Grove where met with some overcast conditions at the start of this fixture and before the match a lot was spoken around utilising space and not crowding around the ball!
IMG 6898The Grove U8
This was always going to be a difficult fixture, playing against the year above, but that never phased any of the boys and they set to the task busily. Ashfold had a clear understanding of space and they strung many passes together which helped them to weave their way around our players and into good attacking positions. Their first goal was an absolute corker that swung across the goal from the left and bounced in perfectly from the upright; the young lad who struck it went on to score most of Ashfold’s goals and for the most part was a constant threat in attack.
Although we managed to improve our general play and passing as the game progressed, we still tended to flock around the ball and hang back too much in defence; which did mean Oliver and William found themselves in the line of fire as goalkeepers. By halftime we were 5 nil down and had only been into their goal area twice with breakaway runs– for one of those chances Jacob got off a great shot with his left foot and was unfortunate to not get us on the scoreboard. Matthew miss queued the second one in front of the goal which was also a great opportunity. The second half went a lot better and we visited their half many times. Sadly, our passes didn’t have enough power behind them and Ashfold easily read and intercepted them. Moving Koseunti into defence significantly improved the game because he was strong on his feet and able to clear the ball away adequately, meaning we only gave away a single goal.
As I said, we did improve and start to see where we should be getting the ball to, but in all honesty it didn’t seem like we were able to compete as a “football team” – more like a group of enthusiastic and talented individuals eager to kick a ball around.

The Grove 'A': 0
Ashfold School 'A': 6
Man of the Match: Jacob Okwuadigbo
IMG 7024The Grove U8/9
For the majority of the first half the boys where doing their fair share of defending, some fantastic saves Aaron Sonander keeping the scoreline at 0-0. The Grove did manage to counter-attack a number of times off the back of Arjan and Freddie Lancaster finding some space with some key passes to allow Dimitri to make a break. The game swung back and forth with both sides unable to break the deadlock. A brief discussion at half time to remember their positions and to look for the pass set the tone for a good second half. It looked as if the second half was going to be a mirror image of the first, however, as time went on it was fitness levels that started to be the difference. The introduction of … linking up well with Dimitri, Freddie and Arjun was starting to wear Ashfold down. A high press in the opposition half allowed The Grove to break away twice with Arjun finishing well both times.
Overall the fixture went very well with the boys winning in the correct manner and being humble hosts. There was clear progression through the match with all who took part trying to implement what was spoken around.
Man of the Match - Arjun
The Grove 'B': 2
A. Chawla (2)
Ashfold School 'B': 0

Man of the Match: Arjun Chawla
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DSC 6484Our Yew and Aspen pupils have been learning to play brass instruments in their music lessons since September. Their progress has been so good that we were able to take them to the Orchestra day at Uppingham school just before half term. We also took a number of other orchestral musicians from other year groups. 

The day included sectional rehearsals in the morning and a full rehearsal in the afternoon. A number of other prep schools were invited, and the full orchestra comprised nearly 300 musicians. The theme of the day was ‘Out Of This World’ and the Head of Music at Uppingham selected a number of pieces on the theme of space.  

At the end of the day there was a concert for parents and teachers, it was lovely that a number of our parents were able to make the journey to attend. The concert started with Also Sprach Zarathrustra (Richard Strauss’ piece used as the them for the iconic film 2001 a Space Odyssey). This was followed by the strings playing Fly Me To The Moon and a medley from the Planets Suite. The wind and brass then played Fanfare For The Third Planet and The Forge of Vulcan. The concert concluded with the whole orchestra playing a very challenging arrangement of melodies from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. 

DSC 0023The pupils worked very hard and focused through long and challenging rehearsals. The brass players are hoping to be able to perform a little closer to home in the near future. 

Thanks to Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Hodges and Henry Berkin who supported the pupils throughout the day. 

Mr Wakley

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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:39

Junior Prep Production 'The Tempest'

IMG 6702With storms Ciara and Dennis hitting the UK’s coastlines this week, it seemed quite fitting that the Grove Independent School had their own dramatic whirlwind in the school hall. The Junior Prep pupils of Yew, Aspen, Hawthorn and Poplar have been singing, dancing and acting their socks off in rehearsals for The Tempest. Their passion for this piece was clearly shown through two magnificent performances on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. With such a challenging piece of theatre to tackle, the pupils approached it with a huge amount of focus, energy and maturity. The audience were captivated from the moment the lights dimmed. The audience were led expertly into the plot line by Autumn Pim as Ariel; who introduced us to all the characters and her own struggles with being a servant to Prospero, the island’s ruler. Prospero, played by Jacob Millburn, summons up not only a mighty storm but a mighty performance. Emily Foster delivers a beautifully articulate and passionate performance as Miranda and light relief is provided superbly by the comedy (drunken) duo of Stephano and Trinculo (Tabitha Simpkins and Lacey Weatherley). Further appreciation goes to Jeremy Berkin who embodied the role of Caliban (the island slave) and jumped feet first into the role (with tap shoes on!) heading up “I'm A Miserable Monster.”  From gruesome Goblins and elegant Sprites, to our brilliant year 3 pupils - who provided vocals and dancing throughout; everyone had their part to play in telling this story of power, revenge, justice and compassion. Moments of highlights were had when the full company all sang together for “The Time Has Come” and the closing number of “It’s Over Now”. Huge well done to all involved!

Many thanks and appreciation to all that made this production another success for The Grove Independent School.       

Mr Stewart

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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:38

The Grove U8 Boys Hockey vs Swanbourne House

DSC 0016Without a game strategy the boys had to rely on the few skills they had picked up and their general ability to play invasive sport. We were able to pass the ball a lot better and spread out, but it took a while before the game started to flow and yield signs of connecting passes and attack. We had good control of territory and were looking more likely to score but a draw was a fair result.

The Grove: 0
Swanbourne House: 0
Man of the Match: Frederick Lancaster

After a half time chat about positioning and how to effectively move the ball in attack we were able to string together some actual play that gave them something to have concern about. Zayne secured our only goal, which gave us the confidence we needed to keep pushing forward. Oliver was also unlucky when his goal didn’t count because it was hit from outside the area, however it never really looked like they had enough to break through and we continued to be a threat in attack. I felt we stayed mostly in their half, although it was still quite messy in front of the goals and the game ended after Matthew had a goal disallowed after a scramble on the goal line ricocheted off his hand when he dived for it.

The Grove: 1
Z. Quinton
Swanbourne House: 0

Man of the Match: Zayne Quinton

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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:38

The Grove U8 Netball vs Swanbourne House

2020 02 11 15.24.04The under 8’s were keen to follow on from their previous success in their 2nd match of the Netball season. Swanbourne got off to an early lead with 3 goals in quick succession. The girls tried hard to work the ball towards their attacking goal and were rewarded with a goal by Lilian Goodman shortly before the end of first half. After a team talk the girls went back to the game with a focus on trying to move in front of the Swanbourne players to receive the ball. We made some excellent interceptions and I was delighted to see the girls moving into excellent spaces but sadly were unable to make up the deficit from the early part of the game leaving the final result 3-1 to Swanbourne.
The Grove: 1
L. Goodman
Swanbourne House: 3
Player of the Match: Davida Okesola
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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:37

The Grove U8 Netball vs Broughton Manor

The girls were really excited for their first Netball fixture of the year. The girls were captained by Nicole and started of superbly with Siya scoring an early first basket. The girls then traded tries for the remainder of the first half, with some very near misses. Into the second half the girls swapped positions and again had sucess with Lillian scoring another fantastic basket. The girls were two up against Broughton. Some close moments and a last minute basket from Broughton allowed the girls to win their first fixture of the year 2-1.
The Grove 'A': 2
S. Patel, L. Goodman
Broughton Manor 'A': 1
Player of the Match: Clare Hubbard
On a sunny Friday afternoon we took the U8 ‘B’ netball girls to have a skills/mini match session against Broughton Manor. The girls did well during the skills-based sessions following the instructions set out by the netball coaches. During the game we started of brightly with the girls putting what they have learnt at school in practice. The girls moved the ball well by passing and moving the ball around the court and Elise took her first chance and managed to get the goal. Quickly again the girls moved the ball quickly with Clare in Centre moving around proving hard to mark. Lillian managed to get a shot away from a tricky angle and got it in which extended our lead to 2-0. Broughton got a goal back just before the end of the match.
The Grove 'B': 2
E. Craig, L. Goodman
Broughton Manor 'B': 1
Player of the Match: Clare Hubbard
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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:35

The Grove U8/9 Boys Hockey vs Winchester House

2020 02 04 14.42.09The boys started their first Hockey fixture, this term, well; showing excitement for the match. Early on the boys were caught out with an early goal from Winchester House. The boys fought on with some superb tackles being made. In the first half the boys were down by two goals and realised that it was their passing that was causing them to struggle. They tried even harder in the second half but were unsuccessful against Winchester's strong defence. The boys lost 0-3 but remain enthusiastic for the next match. Throughout the entire game the boys were helped by man of the match Jacob Milburn, who pulled of some superb saves, at one point diving head first to stop the ball. The boys had a great game and look forward to the next.

The Grove 'A': 0
Winchester House 'A': 3
Man of the Match: Jacob Milburn

Everything that we had learnt in practice was used by the boys and considering that they were not as skilful as their opponents, I felt that they represented themselves admirably. Unfortunately, we had not done enough on hitting or spreading wide which meant that we hardly got out of our half. We also tended to cluster around the ball and not complete passes, so Winchester Hse didn’t really have difficulty keeping us in check. They managed to break free a couple of times and get some passes in as they attacked the goal, which at the start of the match was something Koseunti wasn’t able to block as goalkeeper.

The Grove 'B/C': 0
Winchester House 'B': 3
Man of the Match: Bhavish Rao

Although Winchester Hse put on a different team for this match we continued to shuffle players and make substitutions to give all those playing as much game time as possible. Koseunti stayed in goal throughout and once we had helped him be comfortable in the padding, he was able to manoeuvre himself more freely and became increasingly effective saving a load of shots and proving himself to be quite a presence in goal. Dimitri probably had the most open runs in space and we did get down into their D at least 3 times; although we didn’t have enough time on the ball to make any use of it. It would be wrong to say that we were organised and match ready, but I was pleased with the way the boys made use of the opportunity to play and it clearly enhanced our experience as well as interest.

The Grove 'B/C': 0
Winchetser House 'C': 2
Man of the Match: Frederick Lancaster

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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:34

The Grove U9 Netball vs Swanbourne House

DSC 0194For our third netball match of the season we travelled to Swanbourn House. The team were upbeat following two good wins. The match started and within the first minuet Summer O’Kane scored a stunning long range goal however by the end of the first quarter Swanbourn were 2-1 up. With some strong defending from Autumn Pim and Lily Gibbin we managed to keep the score close however at half time we were 3-1 down. Swanbourn kept the pressure on the whole time with some excellent play, Emily Foster managed to score two goals but after playing really well we were up against tough oppersition and the final score ended up Swanbourn 7 Grove 3.

The Grove 'A': 3
E. Foster (2), S O'Kane
Swanbourne House 'A': 7

Player of the Match:

The Under 9 'B' team were excited to play in their third match of the netball season and despite the chilly conditions were keen to get the match underway.  We got off to a steady start with much of the play in Swanbourne's attacking third.  Despite numerous attempts on goal Swanbourne were unable to secure a goal until the second quarter thanks to great defending from Diya Karwal and Lacey Weatherley.  The girls grew in confidence throughout the game with excellent movement from Avni Madan and great attmepts on goal from our shooters.  Despite the girls best  attempts we were unable to secure a goal against Swanbourne leaving the final score 1-0.

The Grove 'B': 1
Swanbourne House 'B': 0
Player of the Match: 

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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:32

The Grove U9 Football vs Akeley Wood

DSC 0072The boys were against Akeley Wood school. The boys started the first match well, attacking the other teams' goal and having some great attempts to score. In the first half the boys went down by two goals despite their determination to win. In the second half the ball was moved repeatedly up field to the opposition but due to an unfortunate own goal the boys lost the match three nil.
The Grove 'A': 0
Akeley Wood 'A': 3
Man of the Match: Jacob Millburn
In the second match of the day the boys were, if possible, even more determined to win and took a very early goal as soon as the wistle had blown. This trend continued with some superb work by Tomas and Oliver who worked together up front to score a further three goals. The whistle blew and the boys celebrated winning the match!
The Grove 'B': 4
T. Garcia (3), O. Payton
Akeley Wood 'B': 0
Man of the Match: Jacob Millburn
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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:32

The Grove U9 Netball vs Akeley Wood

2020 01 28 14.32.30The Under 9's supported by 3 Under 8's set off on a wintry afternoon to meet Akeley Wood for their second match of the season. The A team were keen to repeat their previous winning performance and started the match steadily with some positive movements up the court. Akeley Wood marginally had the advantage in the first half but Emily and Summer were able to secure 2 goals with some excellent defending from Autumn Pim. The second half was much stronger with The Grove dominating much of the play and scoring 4 consecutive goals to finish the game 6-2 to the Grove.
The Grove 'A': 6
E. Foster (3), S. O'Kane (3)
Akeley Wood 'A': 2
Player of the Match: Summer O'Kane
The B team tried to rise to the challenge of competing against Akeley's A team and worked hard throughout the first half but despite their best efforts the first half ended 4-0 to Akeley Wood. After some changes to positions  the girls came back strongly with some superb defending from Diya Karwal and Lacey Weatherley who kept out numerous attempts on goal. Unfortunately the gap was too big to pull back leaving the final score 5-0 to Akeley Wood.
The Grove 'B': 0
Akeley Wood 'A': 5
Player of the Match: Avni Madan
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