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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:40

The Grove U11 'A&C' Netball vs Swanbourne House

DSC 0021On a busy fixture afternoon for the girls, with teams A, B and C all taking part in Netball Fixtures the A team were keen to set the bar high. We got off to a very strong start dominating much of the play and keeping the ball in our attacking circle. Quick passing and movement from our shooters with great support from our attackers meant we were able to take a number of shots at goal, scoring 6 goals in the first half and taking a strong lead. The girls adapted well to playing in a variety of positions throughout and I was delighted to see them rise to the occasion. Swanbourne were able to score a few goals and close the lead slightly but strong defending continued to push the ball to our attacking circle.  When the final whistle went the girls were deservedly rewarded with the win and a final score of 8-4 to us. Well done girls you were a pleasure to watch!

The Grove 'A': 8
A. Vieceli Fitch (4), A O'Kane (4)
Swanbourne House 'A': 4
Man of the Match: Erioluwa Ojemuyima

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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:39

The Grove U11 Netball vs Akeley Wood

P1040403We won the first centre pass and started strongly. Both teams working hard on getting the ball to their relative end but the goals were lacking. The 1st quarter ended 1 v 1. 2nd quarter The Grove lost concentration and were pulled up for contact and being too close when marking (something we all agreed we need to work on.) Akeley Wood put in a further 4 goals and we managed 1. 3rd quarter The Grove started with a strong determination and defence to pull back 3 goals with good movement into the shooting D, Akeley Wood scoring 1. Final quarter and the game could go either way. Both teams managed a further 2 goals each. Final score The Grove 7 v Akeley Wood 8.

The Grove: 7
E. Adekanmbi (4), H. Siddall (3)
Akeley Wood: 8
Player of the Match: Ewa Adekanmbi

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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:36

The Grove U10/11 Netball vs Northampton High

2020 02 05 15.22.30The Under 10/11 'A' Team knew they had a tough game ahead with a number of their team mates supporting the U13's at an ISA tournament but approached the game with great focus nonetheless. Northampton High steadily poured on the pressure and despite some superb interceptions and some great opportunities to shoot we were able to secure a goal. We fought hard to maintain possession and it is to the girls credit that they prevented Northampton from scoring any goals in the final quarter. A noteworthy performance came from Arianna Vieceli-Fitch's whose movement throughout was outstanding. Despite much improved flow throughout the game the final score was left 5-0 to Northampton.

The Grove 'A': 0
Northampton High 'A': 5
Player of the Match: Erioluwa Ojemuyima

The 'B' Team represented the school well with good game play and sportsmanship. The 1st quarter Northampton Girls looked as if they were going to run away with the game. 2nd quarter The Grove pulled back through some good interception and quick ball. Northampton were also good in defence which made for a good flowing match. Northampton girls managed to convert their possession into goals and unfortunately The Grove ran out of time to draw level. The match ending Northampton Girls 4, The Grove 3.

The Grove 'B': 3
Northampton High 'B': 4
Player of the Match: Reni Adeleye

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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:35

ISA London North U11/13 Netball

2020 02 05 11.47.15This was the girls first ever ISA netball event. We travelled down to Redbridge Sports Centre in thick fog! However, when we got to the sports Centre, we had bright sunshine. The girls first match was against St James School who started off quickly by scoring a quick couple of goals by moving the ball quickly around. The girls started to grow into the game in the second half and missed a couple of chances to get back into the game, however St James went on to win 11 – 0.
After the first game we had a 30-minute rest time, however the girls wanted to go and practice for their next match determined to improve from their first match. The girls second match was against ‘The Park School’ We started off quickly with Alexa scoring her first goal of the competition. The park replied quickly with 2 goals taking a 2-1 lead at half-time. In the second half The Park extended their lead to 4-1, however with some good work from Alice, Esther and Carolina produced another chance for Alexa to score our second goal of the competition. Final score Grove 2 – 4 Park.
2020 02 05 13.02.34Our next game was against King Alfred School who proved to be by far the best team we had faced that day! The girls did well to keep the score down to 4-0 at half time. King Alfred came out second half and score another 3 goals, however the girls did not give up and kept attacking. Final score Grove 0 – 7 King Alfred.
The next game was against Trevor Roberts school who’s girls where very tall! The girls had to change the game plan by moving the ball around the court by using the quick but effective bounce pass. In this game the girls moved the ball around well, however even some great defending and tracking by Emily, Jonelle and Iman couldn’t prevent Trevor Roberts winning this match 6-0.
The girls had an hour rest time before their next match against Immanuel and this proved very good for the girls. The girls started off well with all the girls working well to move the ball around the court up to Jonelle who score 2 quick goals. As the half-time whistle went the score was Grove 2 – 0 Immanuel. Speaking to the girls at half-time we said not to change anything just keep moving the ball around quickly. During the second half Immanuel came out the blocks quickly and scored an early goal to bring the game back to within 1 goal of our lead. The girls however, held onto the 1 goal lead and the final score Grove 2 – 1 Immanuel.  This was a credit to the girls after some tricky first few matches, they didn’t let their heads drop.
Our final match of the day was against ‘North Bridge House’ We started to look tired, however the girls took a 3-1 lead a half time. Credit to ‘North Bridge House’ who changed a few things around in which enabled them to win the game 6-3.
The girls did amazing at their first ever ISA Netball competition and should be extremely proud of themselves! I could not single out a player for ‘Player of the tournament as ALL the girls deserve it! Well done!
Mr. Owen
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DSC 0125The Acacia & Pine trip on Friday the 31st of January was a great success. The trip included a well balanced mix of seminar, guided tour and practical workshops. The pupils were given a brief hands on exploration of various technologies, including a ‘Box Brownie’ camera, laser disc, punch cards, a satellite phone and floppy discs before embarking on the guided tour.

The tour spent some time explaining and demonstrating working reconstructions of Enigma and Turing-Welchman Bombe machines and the Colossus computer (the world’s first electronic computer) the latter two were used in Bletchley Park during the Second World War. Both of these were instrumental in breaking the Enigma cipher (150 quintillion possible keys) and are credited with shortening the war by months and saving tens of thousands of lives.

The tour continued by moving through the generations of computing from vacuum tubes through transistors and integrated circuits to microprocessors.

The workshops also looked at old and new technology with the pupils writing code in Basic on BBC Micro computers and also looking at 3D modelling on rather more up to date PCs using CoSpaces software to recreate the Block H of the 1940s (with added dinosaurs in at least one case).
All in all it was an ideal blend of history, theory and practical with a large amount of hands on exhibits to engage the children.
Mr Owen
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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:31

ISA U11/13 Table Tennis Competition

DSC 0038On Friday 24th January, children from Spruce and Juniper travelled to Nottingham Trent University to take part in the ISA U13 open table tennis competition. This was only the second table tennis fixture for some of the group and the first for others. The children were very supportive of each other and helped to umpire and score lots of games. I was very impressed with the number of games that they were able to win and Emily Garwood managed to come 4th in the girls plate competition. Several familiar faces from our previous fixture commented on how much they had improved in just a week! Hopefully we are setting the groundwork for lots more table tennis fixtures in the future as this seems to be an increasingly popular sport at The Grove

By Mr Pendry

2020 01 24 14.15.40

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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:29

The Grove U10/11 Netball vs Quinton House

2020 01 22 15.51.33The under 10/11 teams set off extremely excited and a little nervous to play their first netball matches of the season. The A team were keen to follow the fantastic win from the B team. It was an extremely tough and closely fought game throughout. With strict umpiring from the umpires from the off the girls worked hard to ensure they adhered fully to the rules and remained focused on trying to progress towards the goal. The girls consistently tried to keep moving forward to meet the ball and experimented with a number of centre pass tactics we have been working on in lessons. There were moments of fantastic play throughout the game from both the attacking players and defenders and I am very excited to see how the team develops over the coming season.
The Grove 'A': 1
E. Adekanmbi
Quinton House 'A': 3

Player of the Match: Erioluwa Ojemuyiwa
The B team got off to a great start by moving the ball quickly up the court to take the lead. The girls kept using what they had learnt in the weeks building up to the fixture with quick fast movements around the court. The team grew in confidence as the game went on which led to the girls beating Quinton House 10-0! The girls showed the key values of Netball: Teamwork, Honour, Innovation and Excellence.
The Grove 'B': 10
E. Adekanmbi (5), H. Siddall (5)
Quinton House 'B': 0
Player of the Match: 
Erioluwa Ojemuyiwa
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DSC 0094Chestnut & Sycamore, 13th January National Gallery & Bridget Riley special exhibition at the Haywood gallery Trip report. The children had a smooth train ride into London and down the Northern line to Leicester Square and the National Gallery.  There they were taken to look at 3 paintings in some detail, doing inventive and very engaging drawing and thinking exercises in a very well led set of mini-workshops. After lunch they had a scenic walk across the Thames seeing St Pauls and the Shard amongst other buildings on the London skyline, with very good behaviour and sensible movement on the footway before arriving at the Haywood gallery. The very striking and effective Optical art by Bridget Riley certainly got their attention  with lots of discussion of "how does that do that?" and quite observant comments about the wide range of visual effects being demonstrated. A straightforward train return on booked seats allowed thinking and conversation about the work with an enjoyable time had by all.

Mr Slater

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Friday, 10 January 2020 14:53

ISA U11 Table Tennis Tournament

2020 01 09 14.22.20On Thursday 9th January students from the Grove competed in their first table tennis fixture, a competition held at King’s School, Harpenden. The students who participated were: Alexa O’Kane, Alice Alder, Summer O’Kane, Oluwadabira Filani, Gautham Parthiban, Keith Adeleye, Rodrigo Mota, Oliver Surley. With several of the students only just starting to play table tennis at the school it was always going to be a tough start, with one school bringing an England youth player along! Everyone played very well and we managed to win several games over the course of the day. In the end Alexa O’Kane only narrowly missed out on a medal, finishing 4th overall for the girls. This was a great experience for the students and I hope it is the start of a thriving table tennis culture at the school.

Mr Pendry2020 01 09 15.59.06

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Friday, 29 November 2019 15:20

Colts Rugby vs Quinton House School

2019 11 27 15.25.01It was the last rugby game of the season for the under 11 boys and it was not a game to be missed. As captain of the team I could not have asked for more from any of the players. Note only did we secure a 8 - 6 win against Quinton House but everyone played to their best; working as a team and demonstrating their skills. Despite a slow start and being 4 – 0 down to Quinton House at half time we wanted to turn this around.

The first try was scored by Kanye after providing excellent support play to myself up to the try line which left Quinton off guard. This was the start of the change in the game. Some great tackling by Joseph, Advik and Amogh supported by Gautham and Timothy ensured we remained in the game and we could see Quinton House were getting tired.

Mukutwa showed his strength by powering through and dragging some of the Quinton boys over the line to score a try. Further tries came from Joseph (1), Kanye (3) and myself (3). All made possible through great teamwork and determination from all. Everyone was working to their strengths and adapting their game play to ensure our defence remained strong. Amogh despite hurting his leg pushed through to support the team.

Even though Quinton House rotated their players throughout the game our defence and team work held and we were able to take advantage of every opportunity which came our way to score a try. It was a hard game but an enjoyable game. As captain of team I could not have asked anyone to do any more than they did.

Oliver Surley (Team Captain)

The Grove: 40
K. Nwuga (4), O. Surley (3), J. Imonioro
Quinton House School: 30
Man of the Match: Amogh Mathur

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