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Thursday, 05 March 2020 14:34

U12/13 Football vs Swanbourne House

After a very heavy rain storm the sun come out just in time for the start of the match. We agreed two 20 min halves with eight a side and no off sides, so was going to be an open flowing game. Swanbourne House got off to a cracking start with three goals in the first 5 mins. We managed to stem the flow for a bit with Kanye making some good saves in goal. Although we were three down our heads didn’t drop, we held our positions and kept trying to pass the ball, however by the end of the first half the score was unfortunately 6-0. With a good encouraging team talk at half time we held our own in the second half with Elijah scoring a cracking goal from outside the box. The final score was 7-1 so a great second half performance with great team spirit and effort from every player. Very well done despite the result as its not always about winning.

The Grove: 1
E. Martey
Swanbourne House: 7
Man of the Match: Elijah Martey

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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:40

Juniper Common Entrance Project

2020 02 13 09.36.06The year eight group went out today to complete the first section of their fieldwork investigation, for their common entrance project. The students went to Oldbrook, in Milton Keynes. They are also going to complete a self-led investigation in their own street with their parents, over half term to give them an opportunity to compare areas. This fieldwork links to their current unit of work, that looks at: House design; environmental quality; crime statistics and perception of place.2020 02 13 10.18.17 The students carried out a range of surveys in the area and were also fortunate to meet a local councillor who told them about transport around the borough. The students had the opportunity to visit a range of different areas and enjoyed looking at the difference between them. They are now going to be writing up their first of many projects to help them as they progress into secondary school next year.

Mr Thorne

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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:37

Spruce & Juniper Trip to Tower of London

DSC 0030On a beautiful February morning Spruce and Juniper set off for Milton Keynes train station to travel to The Tower of London. We arrived in glorious sunshine and immediately went in to see the Crown Jewels, they were amazing and more brilliant than you could ever have imagined!

Next we went into The Bloody Tower, so called because it is believed it is in here that the two Princes were murdered by their uncle Richard. It was also where Sir Walter Raleigh and his family were imprisoned for plotting against James I. After lunch we had a short tour by a Yeoman Warden. He told us about all of the prisoners who took a one-way trip into The Tower of London through Traitors’ Gate. He also told us the stories of the seven prisoners who were beheaded on Tower Green. He told us that the saddest tale of all was about Lady Jane Grey, a hapless pawn of her father-in-law to ensure Protestant succession. Lady Jane rules for nine days, she was beheaded on 12th February 1554.

After a walk around The White Tower where we saw the Royal Armoury we headed back to Milton Keynes after a fantastic day out in London.

Mrs Carlin

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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:35

ISA London North U11/13 Netball

2020 02 05 11.47.15This was the girls first ever ISA netball event. We travelled down to Redbridge Sports Centre in thick fog! However, when we got to the sports Centre, we had bright sunshine. The girls first match was against St James School who started off quickly by scoring a quick couple of goals by moving the ball quickly around. The girls started to grow into the game in the second half and missed a couple of chances to get back into the game, however St James went on to win 11 – 0.
After the first game we had a 30-minute rest time, however the girls wanted to go and practice for their next match determined to improve from their first match. The girls second match was against ‘The Park School’ We started off quickly with Alexa scoring her first goal of the competition. The park replied quickly with 2 goals taking a 2-1 lead at half-time. In the second half The Park extended their lead to 4-1, however with some good work from Alice, Esther and Carolina produced another chance for Alexa to score our second goal of the competition. Final score Grove 2 – 4 Park.
2020 02 05 13.02.34Our next game was against King Alfred School who proved to be by far the best team we had faced that day! The girls did well to keep the score down to 4-0 at half time. King Alfred came out second half and score another 3 goals, however the girls did not give up and kept attacking. Final score Grove 0 – 7 King Alfred.
The next game was against Trevor Roberts school who’s girls where very tall! The girls had to change the game plan by moving the ball around the court by using the quick but effective bounce pass. In this game the girls moved the ball around well, however even some great defending and tracking by Emily, Jonelle and Iman couldn’t prevent Trevor Roberts winning this match 6-0.
The girls had an hour rest time before their next match against Immanuel and this proved very good for the girls. The girls started off well with all the girls working well to move the ball around the court up to Jonelle who score 2 quick goals. As the half-time whistle went the score was Grove 2 – 0 Immanuel. Speaking to the girls at half-time we said not to change anything just keep moving the ball around quickly. During the second half Immanuel came out the blocks quickly and scored an early goal to bring the game back to within 1 goal of our lead. The girls however, held onto the 1 goal lead and the final score Grove 2 – 1 Immanuel.  This was a credit to the girls after some tricky first few matches, they didn’t let their heads drop.
Our final match of the day was against ‘North Bridge House’ We started to look tired, however the girls took a 3-1 lead a half time. Credit to ‘North Bridge House’ who changed a few things around in which enabled them to win the game 6-3.
The girls did amazing at their first ever ISA Netball competition and should be extremely proud of themselves! I could not single out a player for ‘Player of the tournament as ALL the girls deserve it! Well done!
Mr. Owen
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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:33

The Grove U12/13 Netball vs Wellingborough School

DSC 0067The first match was extremely fast paced and it took the girls a little time to settle into the game which Wellingborough were able to capitalise on and scored a number of goals in quick succession. We fought hard to maintain possession but lost it on a number of occasions by rushing to make the pass. The quick goals scored in the early part of the game meant that Wellingborough had opened a strong lead which despite the girl’s best efforts to defend and maintain possession they were unable to close the gap leaving the final score 15-3 to Wellingborough.
The Grove 'A': 3
C. Diniz Fernandez-Lomana (2), A. O'Kane
Wellingborough School 'A': 15
Player of the Match: Esther Williams
We got off to a steady start in the second match with Wellingborough again taking an early lead but we were much more composed throughout this game and displayed more controlled and well thought out passing. We were able to steady the rate of Wellingborough’s goal scoring and use opportunities to shoot more successfully with 2 goals from Alexa O’Kane and one from Hannah Siddall leaving the final score 6-3 to Wellingborough. Despite the loss this was a valuable learning experience for the girls particularly as the Under 13’s to prepare for their tournament next week and for those children playing up one or more age groups. Well done!
The Grove 'B': 3
A. O'Kane (2), H. Siddall
Wellingborough School 'B': 6
Player of the Match: Alexa O'Kane
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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:31

ISA U11/13 Table Tennis Competition

DSC 0038On Friday 24th January, children from Spruce and Juniper travelled to Nottingham Trent University to take part in the ISA U13 open table tennis competition. This was only the second table tennis fixture for some of the group and the first for others. The children were very supportive of each other and helped to umpire and score lots of games. I was very impressed with the number of games that they were able to win and Emily Garwood managed to come 4th in the girls plate competition. Several familiar faces from our previous fixture commented on how much they had improved in just a week! Hopefully we are setting the groundwork for lots more table tennis fixtures in the future as this seems to be an increasingly popular sport at The Grove

By Mr Pendry

2020 01 24 14.15.40

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Wednesday, 15 January 2020 09:52

ISA U12/13 Table Tennis Tournament

2020 01 14 15.15.27

On Tuesday 14th January students from the Grove competed in their second table tennis fixture of the year, once again held at King’s School, Harpenden. This time it was an opportunity for students in Juniper. Despite having far less experience than their opponents, they managed to win several matches and did a wonderful job of representing the school. Emily Garwood was very unlucky to miss out on a 3rd place medal, finishing 4th overall for the girls. This was a great experience for the students and continues a very positive start for this new sport at the Grove.

Mr Pendry

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Friday, 22 November 2019 10:12

Seniors Trip to Blenheim Palace

DSC 0091On Monday 18thNovember, Spruce and Juniper went on a trip to Blenheim Palace. The Palace was wonderful and the gardens were amazing. Once we got there, we had a little walk around the formal gardens. We saw the Diana Temple, which is where Winston Churchill proposed to his wife, Clementine. After that, we saw the Churchill timeline that told us about where Churchill was born and where he went to school. We also learnt that Winston Churchill went to Sandhurst Academy, where he trained to be a soldier. He became an MP in 1900 and worked his way up to becoming Prime Minister, in 1940.

After our walk, we got to the café, which had a lovely view of the gardens and this is where we had our lunch. From there we were escorted by a lady who was in charge of the workshop. She took us to a room to leave our bags and then explained to us what we were going to do, that afternoon. First, she said that we were going to tour the Palace. We saw all the rooms where Winston Churchill did his painting and wrote his books. We even saw the actual room where Churchill was born, in 1874. We looked at the writing and drawing rooms, in which the family would have enjoyed time together, after dinner. 

DSC 0003Once we had toured the Palace, the lady took us back to the room and we did some – really fun – public speaking exercises. We did really tricky tongue-twisters (which I do not know how people were meant to say because they were so hard) and read one of Churchill’s speeches, ‘We shall fight on the beaches’, published on 4thJune 1940.

We had a really entertaining time at Blenheim Palace and if I could, I would go again! 

By Carolina Diniz Fernandez Lomana, Juniper 

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Friday, 18 October 2019 15:07

Spruce & Juniper Trip to Tate Britain, London

DSC 0005The two groups had an eventful trip into London Euston after signal failure delays, but all had seats and we travelled across to the Tate Britain gallery quite easily. The children started by looking at a series of Henry Moore figure related sculptures and drawings, with some very good rendering of shape and texture in their sketchbooks.

After a brief gallery explore they then went to the William Blake exhibition where they carried out a series of detailed drawn studies of selected paintings as well as a careful look at the very large range of William Blake engravings. Several members of the public commented positively both on their work focus and the quality of the drawings in progress!

Mr Slater

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Wednesday, 02 October 2019 08:47

Spruce Orienteering of Tear Drop Lakes

2019 10 01 09.30.41The pupils in Spruce went on a field trip around Loughton and the tear drop lakes. They were investigating the methods studied in class surrounding map reading and direction. This morning outside gave the children the opportunity to locate themselves on an OS map; take and find locations in relation to grid references; use a compass, finding direction and working out how to use key landmarks to pin point their location. All of the children completed different navigation segments that led them to a new site with the others working out where they'd gone. They all really enjoyed it and we made it back just in time to avoid the rain! Mr Thorne 
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