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Thursday, 14 June 2018 13:23

Pet Visit Talk to Foundation

The Foundation children were really fortunate this week to have a visit from Bruno, a beautiful labradoodle, from Pets As Therapy and his owner Julie. We invited Bruno into school to support our topic on animals. The children were able to have some hands on experience with a pet and they were very taken by him. Julie spoke to the children about Bruno and answered all their questions about how to care for him and his likes and dislikes. He loves to eat sausages and he gets them as a treat. We found out that Bruno has two lovely walks a day, both up to an hour. He loves running in dirty puddles and searching in the woods for his ball. He gets so dirty that he needs a shower each morning to wash the mud from his paws and around his beard! We all had a chance to give Bruno a stroke and he was lovely soft. Thank you for coming to visit Bruno.

Mrs Okwuadigbo

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On Thursday 26th April 2018 we welcomed a member of our Sikh Community who visited us and shared her experience and knowledge of Sikhism.

Larch and Rowan remained engrossed as Tina taught us about her beliefs. We learnt that Sikhism is not just a religion; it is a way of life. Tina shared the message, "Ek Ong Kar," "We are all one," and explained that Sikhs treat others like they would like to be because we all have beating hearts. We have already learnt about Guru Nanak in class, so it was interesting hearing more facts about his teachings. It was very relaxing taking time to listen to peaceful music and relax our minds. One pupil smiled as she explained that she felt like she was floating into Space. Tina brought in lots of beautiful items to share with us and set us challenges to further our learning in our classroom.

Thank you very much to our inspiring speaker!

Miss McCall

Acacia and Pine really liked the talk yesterday on Sikhism. They enjoyed refreshing their knowledge from year four when they visited the temple, where they learnt about Sikhs and their way of life. They had the opportunity to ask Tina detailed knowledge and develop their depth of understanding within Religious studies.  The students all loved the chance to spend some time meditating and relaxing their minds to consider others in the day ahead and reflect on mistakes so that they can be corrected moving forwards. This visit will help them in their end of unit test in Religious Studies which they really appreciated.  They also loved the video on the temples that was shown which gave them a great insight into the daily life of people that follow Sikhism as a religion. 

Mr Thorne

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Today, The Grove School welcomed an Islamic Visitor who gave a talk about Islam to Yew and Aspen and Acacia and Pine.

Yew and Aspen were introduced to the concept of Islam with Pilgrimages as a focus. She spoke about the five pillars of Islam, teaching the children the Arabic words for each pillar. The children sat beautifully and were well engaged throughout. There was a Qu’ran ( not sure how to spell this?!), along with prayer beads and prayer mats for the children to look at. The children asked some interesting and probing questions, sparking some super discussion. They were also treated to tasty dates and a very special, personal gift: A copy of their own name, written in Arabic, on gold paper.

Acacia and Pine explored the Holy Book called the Ku'ron and viewed the meaning of some passages linked to forgiveness, bullying and anger. Our children discussed these important topics and explored how the Ku'ron advises Muslim to behave. Through practical tasks involving group work, water and paper everyone gained a deeper understanding of this Holy Book.

Mrs Kenton & Ms Casiraghi

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Thursday, 18 January 2018 10:46

Buckinghamshire Fire Brigade Awareness Talk

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Friday, 10 November 2017 11:58

Baptist Minister meets Pre-Prep at The Grove

Reverend Walker is a Baptist minister who has visited the children of Cedar and Birch today in order to enrich their learning on Christianity and 'Rites of Passage' in particular.

He shared with us a wealth of information about his ministry which stretch as far away as Africa. The children enjoyed sharing their own prior learning about the meaning of a Christian Baptism, Holy Communion and a Marriage with the Reverend who also answered most sensitively a variety of amazing questions about the existence of God and his relationship with the Holy Trinity!

We thanked Reverend Walker for his visit by offering a card we created. Its content depicted a variety of Rites of Passage, churches and Jesus Christ which demonstrated further the children's enjoyment of this Religious Topic. 

We look forward to Reverend Walker visiting our school again and sharing his knowledge with other year groups.

Ms Casiraghi

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DSC 0006On the 22nd November, the year 3 and 4 girls were treated to a special visit from our local Paralympian Alistair Patrick-Heselton. This was a ‘loyalty visit’ as a result of the Sky Sports Project which was organised last year for the year 7 and 8’s.

Yew & Aspen and Hawthorn & Poplar girls were specifically chosen due to their excellent work rate within their sports lesson and this was also a reward for their commitment and determination in their fixtures this term.

Alistair gave an inspirational talk followed by some teambuilding activities that required initiative, communication and listening skills. One of the activities was for Alice Alder to walk the tight rope whilst the rest of the class held the rope tightly – again working as a team they were able to accomplish their goal and achieve success.

Overall it was an inspirational and enjoyable afternoon! Well done to all involved and a massive thank you to Alistair for his visit.

Miss. Rawle

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This week in Foundation the children had a very exciting time playing with the Junk Orchestra. The Junk Orchestra consists of one man (Saul) and and his van packed FULL of things found on a rubbish dump! Saul started off by playing his instruments to the children. These included ; a tumble drier tube, the inside drum from a washing machine, a bike wheel and a shaker made from bottle tops. Saul delighted the children with his show in which he demonstrated how different sounds can be made. The children absolutely loved his performance and couldn't wait to make their own rubbish instruments.

The children had great fun  making  shakers,  drums, trumpets and  guitars from the junk that they had previously brought in. The session ended with an awesome rubbish orchestra in which the children got to play their instruments (and Mrs Vass got to play the gas tank tongue drums)! This was a real l journey of discovery for the children; learning how to make an orchestra from a load of old rubbish!

Mrs Vass

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Thursday, 30 April 2015 14:08

Dentist Visits The Grove

04 28 2015 Oral Hygiene Talk to Pre Prep and Foundation by Mrs Verma Dentist ArticleOn Tuesday 28th April, The Grove Independent School were fortunate to have a Dental Practitioner and her assistant visit our Foundation and Pre-Prep children. Local dentist, Dr Verma, came to talk to the children about how to care for their teeth and what are the best ways to keep their teeth healthy.

She carefully explained how important it is to look after our teeth and reminded us that we should brush our teeth for at least 2 minutes and to make sure we clean all around our teeth properly at the front, back and on the chewing parts of the teeth. Dr Verma was really impressed that every day at school, all TGIS children brush their teeth!

The children sat and listened to Dr Verma explain which foods are good for our teeth, such as raw fruits, vegetables, cheese and milk. When Dr Verma asked the children which foods are not good for the teeth, all of the children were able to participate, especially foundation children, who were all very assertive that: "We should not eat too many sugary foods and drinks!" Pre-Prep children had an opportunity to ask Dr Verma questions such as: "Why do people have braces?" and "Why do we have fillings?" All of the children said how much they enjoyed asking questions to our visitor and how they enjoyed learning different facts about our teeth.

Mrs Prigmore-Wells

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